I Just Gave Myself An Enema

I was bored and wanted an enema, so I drug out my enema bag and used this huge retaining nozzle and gave myself about two quarts. I held in me for a long time and then sat on the toilet, fingered myself and just as I was ******* I released the water. OHHHH what a tremendous ****** I had. This was so much fun for me!!!!!!!
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That's nice and hot!!

does your hubby ever give u enemas????

sounds hot

I love your stories. Your writing is so erotic. Thanks for posting. I would love it if you couls "add" me. Best wishes

Thank you and I'm glad you enjoy my stories; however, until you become a contributor to EP by posting a story or pic I will not add you. Be a contributor and not just a leach watcher!

Okay. I'm on it. x

omg that sounds so sexy :D


Incredibly hot story!! Especially 2 quarts!!! I flush with 4 bags, consecutive, usually using a scented final! I love holding until I almost burst!!! Even going outside to get the mail, or carry out the garbage, full and panicked!!

Its almost as good as pee deprivation, my dear.

I wouldn't know about that.

The anal and clitorial sensations must have been perfectly timed!

I suppose!

never had an enema,,, what does it do

raining this morning ! trying to get ready for a birthday party this afternoon . had to fix burgers and dogs in my cast iron skillets . put on grille to re heat and cheese to melt later . oh cleaned out colon and did my cooking with a colon full of warm coffee . what a great morning ! have a great day !

I understand that coffee enemas are really good for you.

supposed to help clean the liver . can make you pretty hyper if too strong or left in too long . garlic enema is supposed to be used after for complete cleanse . don't know for sure . fun play and maybe healthy too !
have a great day !


i've never tried that,,,,, whats the purpose, ? what happens?

I love your stories, your range of kinks and desires are tremendous! Please keep them coming <3

I guess I wasn\'t aware I was kinky. I thought I was normal........

i did a 2 quart coffee enema over the weekend , felt great . held it in around 15 minutes . tight belly too !


That is tremendously hot!!!!

Would love to give you an enema laced with wine and make you hold it for long time,and make you *** while I finally let you release it. Muaah

Sounds good to me

Yeah you'd easily get drunk, absorbing it through your intestines to!

have you tried a coffee enema ? said to be good for the liver , also a clean colon and finally a good clean play area . enemas make me very hot . glad to hear you enjoy them too !

No I haven't try a coffee enema, but I want to. Always nice to meet another enema lover.

I\'ve been taking enemas every chance I get every since I was in my teens. I always enjoy crossing paths with someone else who understands how much fun they can be.

mmm I would have loved to be on the receiving end of that having all that just push out of your *** on my face mmm so hot

ugh! That's horrible!

DirtyDaddy you are nasty . I would pay to see that

Wow, It's nice that you let yourself enjoy it!

Shall we be friends!

Sure, we can be friends


Must have been that double bardex helping out with your O's!

It's not a double but it sure is big