After spending a little time watching anal sex videos, I was in the mood to try something. As I had the house to myself, I went into the garage, I saw a rake and a shovel that had a huge thick handle. I had used my hammer and smaller item a few time but was interested in using big things right now.
I lubed up the handles and my tight hole and got naked and on my hands and knees, right on the dirty floor. I positioned the rake handle against myself and backed onto it.. I wasn't in the mood to just dip it in, I wanted to **** it!
It went in pretty easily, which was ok, but I wanted to feel filled up.
I lubed the shovel handle and wedged it under the shelf, I stood up and bent over and backed up onto it...oh my.. A bit of a struggle, but it wanted it so bad. I reached back and spread myself and just eased on back... Started dripping pre-*** almost immediately, which I was slurping down... I went up and down on it while stroking my ****..
This resulted in a huge mind blowing ******.. I stayed on the handle as I calmed down..there was *** in a pool under my. I dropped to my knees and pressed my face and mouth into the pool of ***. Right then I felt so slutty..
Hope this wasn't too graphic.... Just felt like confessing...
Gunnutz Gunnutz
56-60, M
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The sluttier we are the hornier we get. My ****** isn't complete until I swallow all my ***

I love mutual anal ************ with my wife or my friend and our double *****

Damn that was a great story. Love to hear more