Yes My Mom Knew

Ok, so ive had alot of people asking if my mom knew about the extensive ****** or how we hid it, so i figured id tell about the first time she caught us.

Mom had left to do some grocery and christmas shopping and it was just my dad and us kids. Dad looked at me and said its time to show your brother how good a girl you are, by this time dad had been ******* me for several months. Jaccob was 20 and home for the weekend from college. Dad called jacob into the room and told him watch this. Dad walked over and started undressing me as my brothers eyes grew wide he asked dad if he was touch and dad said of course so this is for you. So jacob came over and helped me out of my panties as he started rubbing all over my tiny little breasts and down to my little ***** and back up he pushed me onto my knees and unzipped his pants saying you know you want to suck my **** dont you you little *****, with that he grabbed my hair and forced me to take in his **** til i was gagging on it. Then started ******* my mouth and throat, he looked back and said come on dad join in, so dad pulled me up to my hands and knees and slammed into my tight little ***** if my mouth hadnt been full of jacob **** i would have screamed it hurt so bad but felt so good. They were both pounding away at me telling me what a good little **** i was when all of a sudden the door opened and mom came in. Dad jumped up trying to explain while jacob just froze. Mom looked at them both then smiled and said, " go ahead as long as youre ******* her youll leave me alone." then she walked into her room. Immediately jacob started ******* my mouth again and seeing that dad got hard and went back to my *****. Dad shot his *** deep inside me and jacob all over my face. Then as i lay there catching my breath and aching jacob starting touching and rubbing again. Amazingly after 20 minutes or so he was hard again, he pulled me back up led me to the couch, picked me up and laid me over the arm. Spreading my *** cheeks he stuck a finger in my *** and asked dad if that was an option too dad said he hadnt tried it yet didnt know if i was ready. Jacob then pushed a second finger in and said o shes ready with that he spat a little on my hole then rammed his rock hard **** into my *** holding me down with one hand while he repeatedly slammed into me over and over. As he was finally ******* he leaned over me and wiped a tear from my cheek saying be a good girl and next time ill be nice and use lube you dirty **** now go clean up. He pulled out of my *** with a pop and slapped my *** and sent me on my way.
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well i dont agree with ****** but i dont want to condemn people who practice this way i guess its open to them and accept it as natural so i guess as long your all ok with it then its fine for me...

Breathtaking erotic story involving Jacob and you dad Daddysgirl82. Very hot and horny story. You have got my juices flowing believe me.<br />
<br />
Do you have any sisters !<br />
<br />
Thank you for sharing this further exciting family experience. <br />
<br />

you're awesome!

Sorry to hear about your mom. Sounds like they were a lil too rough on you at a young age. Do you still have relations with both of them to this day?

Jesus thats mad and how your so calm about it and so accepting about it

Very good story and great comments ...............

nice story