Aly quickly got into dominating Karen. For such a submissive girl, she adapted to being domineering amazingly well, and as soon as she came down from her bubble bath she made a start by saying to Karen "I'm desperate to pee, lie your head back on that stool, so I can pee in your mouth"
Karen looked at me, but I just stared into her eyes, and Aly snapped "Do it!" Which startled Karen into obeying her new mistress. This was going to be fun.
Aly squatted down over Karen's face and settled her weight onto Karen's open mouth. She smiled at me as her **** flowed into Karen's mouth, saying "I could get used to this, her mouth is so lovely and warm, and toilets are so cold and clinical" then "I've finished, but I'm so comfy here I think I'll stay here for a while, do you think she can breathe?"
"Possibly not" I replied "but I'm sure she'll make a fuss if she can't" and then Karen was making a fuss, wriggling and trying to push Aly off her.
Finally, Aly lifted up a little, saying "Lick me clean" after which Aly flopped onto the sofa next to me and pointed between her legs for Karen's benefit. Karen got the message and crawled between Aly's legs and began licking, which Aly loved.
We settled down to watch a movie with Karen alternately licking Aly's slit and giving me a blow job. After about an hour Karen lifted her head from Aly's ***** to ask to go to the loo.
"No!" barked Aly, "you can wait until you've made me *** again, and later I'm going to punish you for not calling me mistress"
Karen went back between Aly's legs and licked like crazy, but since Aly had already *** several times, it took quite a while to get her over the edge again. Once she did get there, however, it was obviously a really good ******, and as she reached the peak she grabbed Karen's long blonde hair and pulled her tight in to her *****, so that Aly could clamp her legs tight around Karen's head. Aly kept her there until her climax was totally over, then pulled Karen up by her hair and said "Now you can pee, come with me"
Aly stood up, pulling Karen up by her hair and then dragged her to the door. "go and do it in the garden" she instructed "but I'm naked" wailed Karen "someone might see me"
"Don't you dare disobey me!" Aly shouted, giving Karen a hard shove through the door.
Karen stumbled across the hall and crashed into the lift doors, just as Aly slammed the door shut behind her. Now Karen had no choice but to take the lift down and go into the garden to squat and pee. Aly watched through the spy hole in the door "She's in the lift" she told me "sadly there was no-one in there already, but hopefully someone will get in on the way down"
Aly next went to the window, but couldn't see anything in the dark.
After only a few minutes Karen was back, knocking on the door. Aly left her quite a while, then went and opened the door, but kept Karen outside "Please may I come in mistress?" she pleaded
"When you've told me exactly what happened, did you meet anyone?"
"Yes!" Karen confessed "two young guys got in the lift with me, they kept touching me and kissing me, I thought they were going to rape me, but the doors opened and I got out"
"What a shame they didn't" Aly smirked "we'll have to arrange a consolation prize for you"
Aly shoved Karen to her knees again, pointing between her legs for Karen to resume licking.
"Are you horny darling?" Aly asked me whilst stroking my **** through my trousers "why don't you give Karen's tight arse a good reaming?"
"Brilliant idea!" I exclaimed, as I walked to get theĀ  lube from the drawer. I quickly dropped my trousers and briefs , put some lube on the head of my ever ready penis, positioned myself at Karen's small brown opening, and thrust in hard.
"Mmmnnff" Karen commented
"That felt nice darling, keep ramming her"
So I did. I pounded her lovely tight arse for a full five minutes, but it felt so good that I couldn't go on much longer.
"I'm going to *** babe" I called "So am I!" Aly shouted back "Aaaarrhh" Karen cried.
"That was totally wonderful " I told Aly "I think I'm going to use her arse a lot in future"
"Well, she's a lucky girl then...what do you say slave?" she demanded of Karen
Karen just looked defeated.
djonlothario djonlothario
46-50, M
Nov 29, 2012