I Was Horny.

And so was he.
Tonight I met up with a Dom type who I have known and chatted to on line for over the past year.
After first of all grabbing a coffee and conversing for a while, we then drove out to a woods not far away, in his pick up truck.
Once there he made me get out and led me to the end of the flatbed, having pulled down my knickers he then pinched and rubbed and pulled my ****, with his hand over my mouth until I had come six times. All the while telling me what a **** I was and how he wants to take me to a glory hole, let guys **** my arse until there's *** running down to my ankles!
After the sixth time, he forbid me from having any more ******* until I had begged him for permission to come.
I tried to resist and just not let myself *** cos I don't like begging, but under the continued assault of his fingers on my ****, in the end I had to, cos it just hurt so much and he would not stop, ordering me to open my legs wider, when I tried to close them!
So I ended up begging, even more so, I ended up begging for him to put his fingers inside me.
Which he did, but not in the hole I meant, he turned me around, shoved two or three fingers in my arse and fingered me hard until I came.
**** me that was good!
Then it was his turn, he got his **** out and I grabbed hold of it, it was soooo hot, maybe contrasting with the cold night air!
I stroked it for a while then he told me to get on my knees and suck it.
I tried to be a good girl and get it all the way down me but it was thick and I only have a small mouth, so he ended up telling me just to suck the head.
But then I did take it all the way in a couple of times which made me gag hard!
And then I ended up begging to have it inside me, so he got me' to come round the side of the truck and lean forwards, hands on the wheel, arse sticking out.
He plunged his **** in my arse and I came within moments.
He then asked if I'd like his *** on my face, to which I, of course, said yes.
So he spun me around and gave me a face and mouth load of ***.

MaryIsMyHomeGirl MaryIsMyHomeGirl
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Wow, that is a seriously hot story!

great story sweetie. Have you ever enjoyed the " Glory Hole" ?

Nooo, I would no way do something like that under my own steam. With someone else telling me what to do on the other hand...

You gave us a nice story Princess..

I think I had better introduce you to the joys of a glory hole.

Wish it was me using you ***...you sound like you could use more...

On occasion, yes.

You're a good girl after all

What made you doubt it?

No doubt, just stating the obvious, seems like you really get out there and take life by the horns


What did you feel the next day ?

Satisfaction and desire.

Wow! Hot ******* story....but....was it really a stoy or did this actually take place?? You had mentioned returning the favor ie: ******...Well.. this would have easily done the job with just a few more lurid, sexy details..So as it is, I'll have to keep on reading and wait for a response from you, if one is forthcoming. Kisses..Gator

Tis a totally one hundred per cent true story!

Is this a true story ?

Every single word.

Which if you had've read the comments all the way through, you would have noticed.

Very nice Princess...makes me want to move to the UK ;-)

Dear Daddeyk, need Green Card, will travel ;)

very hot....
pls add me

WOw. One real hot story. You could have added a little more detail. but even this is inspiration enough to make me rub my ****! god bless you dear!

mm love it

Glad to get some appreciation, it was a hot experience. Shame he's in New Jersey!