My Favorite Style to Give Or Get!

The first time my then boyfriend asked if he could try anal, he didn't know he should use lube. I thought I was going to die. Only my scream stopped him, and I'd read enough gay **** to know it would ease. It did. And he came in my *** and we never looked back (bad pun). After that we still didn't know about lube, but between my mouth and my ****, we made insertion pleasurable.

We're older and wiser now and we have so much lube we don't know which to use first!! But anal is definitely our preferred style of intercourse though frontal is nice too.

Over the years he became curious and we began to experiment with HIS ***. MMMMM I love putting things in his hole and so does he. Now I strap on and do him as often as I can. MMMM He loves the feel of that ***** going in and out. I love hearing him moan in pleasure. He makes me shout when he does me, but I'm more used to it. I'm more gentle, and he makes soft sweet moans that make me so hot.

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13 Responses Mar 2, 2009

women like you are SOOO hot!

you are both lucky to have each other may it continue always

that is sooo hot!! good for you two!!

Gosh DAMN!!! That is so ******* HOT!!!!

i definitely can relate

My wife loves anal when she is in the mood. I love when she puts her *****, fingers, and on occassion her fist in my ***.

Okay, now this one nearly has me *******! I HAVE to go take care of business now!

I noticed that you didn't mention whether you like to be rimmed. Is it a taboo to the two of you, or is it something you practice as well...?

The best lube I have found is *** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lube, lobe, lube and oh, tes, lube.

My kind of girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You will make many friends Mistress ....

Well, thank you very much, Coulditbe. It's all true. I'm happy to share.