The pleasure of taking my girl's *** is indescribable. Bending her over and watching her face tighten as I stretch her past her comfort zone is an adrenaline rush. When she gives herself completely and her body resists shear nature to satisfy me, I nearly lose control. I wrap her tightly in my arms and kiss her neck as her body squirms in initial denial. Then as the relaxation sets in and I sink deep inside, I can feel her body give up the fight. Instead, it accepts me and the unexpected delight on her face makes me want to explode. So I sink deeper, forcing her to handle every inch until her *** settles at the best and she can feel me all the up into her mid belly. She quivers at the thought then I grab her hair and pound her small body until she's dripping what I leave behind.
MediPhil MediPhil
22-25, M
4 Responses Aug 22, 2014

great description

O lucky man, treat her well you have a special lady

Love hearing a man's view on this

Ummm wow... Is it hot in here?

Haha, yeah it was. When her *** gets on my mind, there's no stopping me until she's full.