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His First Time

He'd talked incessently about putting the double ***** in his *** while I wore it. He loved seeing me with a ****, it was so hot. He would get on his knees and suck it. It was so many years ago that the taste of the material was nasty but so he was so excited to suck it, he'd fall to his knees at my slightest signal.

But it was so big and we were novices. The most I ever got to insert was an anal probe, which he controled. Harumph. We broke up before I could actually strap on, but oh my! In my fantasies over the years we were apart I developed a very detailed story that always ended with him crying out in rapture as my 10" strap on sent him over the edge into that special place where sublime climaxes send you.

Now we are back together and in our time apart he'd been fantasizing about the same thing! He was only too willing to worship my new strap ons, the way he had that nasty tasting *****. (Thank you Doc Johnson!). We found one he liked, and after some initial training, he takes it with ease. I so enjoy taking him from behind while he's on all fours. But what I never imagined in my dreams was the shear joy and immense satisfication I get taking him as he lies back. I press his knees to his chest as he raises his sweet hole to me.

"**** me, please Mistress. **** me with your mancock!"

As I do, I watch the pleasure play across his face. His quick intake of breath as the head probes his tight sphincter. Then it eases in and I see his face go soft with desire and pleasure. I **** him, telling him how much I love doing this, how much I love him. I lean over him letting my breasts contained in their black lacey bra brush his torso. I bite his nipples, causing him to flex his hips and take as much of my **** into his asspussy as he can. I ride him, until he opens his eyes and looks into my passion drugged eyes, and whispers,

"I love you mistress. I Love you, mistress."



Mistress916 Mistress916 46-50, F 24 Responses Mar 5, 2009

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Is this a fantasy?

Very sensual and erotic!

please add me thank you very hot

ahhhhh so horny

he is very lucky to have you take him with your strap on i know from experience it is the most wonderful feel to bend over and taken in such a way by a mistress

Wow...that story just gave me a big bunny *****

just love the story, what a lucky man

oh my that is so hot Mistress 916, any suggestions you could give me to pass on to my wife so she gets more enjoyment would be greatly apprcated

That is such a hot story. I would love you to train my arse so you could **** me with a strap on.....particularly as you seem to enjoy it so much. Thank've made me quite stiff

OMG that was a hot story....thank you for sharing... sooo wish my wife would do me....

Does a huge ******* ***** is more exciting for the ladies ?

MMMM sounds like a lovely time Mistress!!!

you are a hot sexy Mistress i want you to do me too

OMIGOD how sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh to be your slave

Apologies to anybody who finds it too explicit, but here is the pegging scene from my book. Patrick and "Mirko" have been positioned next to each other, on their knees, with their upper bodies resting on the bed. "The Prince" is the client. Patrick and Ayumi are international hookers; they are cousins. Ayumi is about 22. Btw, Patrick is straight, he is what we call "gay for pay".<br />
<br />
* * *<br />
As the slaves faced each other on the bed, Ayumi selected a heavy strap-on ***** from her case of toys. Positioning herself behind Patrick, she straddled his hips as if she were riding a horse, and leaned forward until her nipples were brushing his back and he could feel her soft breath close to his ear.<br />
Philippe had positioned the slaves so that they were kneeling on the floor beside the bed; only their upper bodies were resting on the mattress. Patrick braced himself, knowing that Ayumi had chosen this position because the firm floor would provide her with better leverage for thrusting than a flexible mattress. <br />
Making sure that Mirko and the Prince had an unobstructed view of what she was doing, Ayumi held the ***** in one hand and pushed it slowly but firmly over Patrick’s tongue and into his throat, giving him a chance to lubricate it with his mouth.<br />
The slave found himself struggling not to choke on the *****, as the injuries to his nose were forcing him to breathe through his mouth as well. His hardship was increased by the small extra weight transferred to his upper back as Ayumi leaned forward. With his wrists tied behind his back, he was unable to use his arms to push his chest clear of the bed for a deeper breath.<br />
Noticing his distress, Ayumi pulled the ***** out of his mouth and slid back down over Patrick’s hips. She stood still for the few seconds it took Philippe to strap the ***** on over her shorts with a four-strap harness that left her entire crotch and her ******* conveniently exposed. <br />
Instead of being pulled straight up between her legs, the straps went under her buttocks at the rear, and over the tops of her thighs in front; the straps were secured to a waist belt at the point of each hip. The Prince felt his mouth go dry with desire when he caught a glimpse of soft pink lips between the straps and realized that her lace shorts were crotchless. <br />
* * *<br />
Quickly, Ayumi dropped comfortably to her knees behind Patrick. Kneeling between his legs, and gripping his wrists tightly with one hand, she braced the head of the ***** between his buttocks, pausing briefly to allow him to relax his muscles before swinging her hips forward smoothly and stuffing him with the full length of the *****. <br />
She felt him shudder as the heavy head of the rubber shaft passed his sphincter, stretching the ring of muscles tightly in a way that he had always disliked and feared, and pushed its way on deep into his body. Mirko, only inches from Patrick’s face, watched the new slave flinch and wince as Ayumi impaled him with one swing of her hips. <br />
Ayumi paused again when the ***** was buried up to the hilt, waiting patiently for Patrick’s body to adjust to the penetration, for his breaths to become less ragged and more regular.<br />
Once she was sure that Patrick had taken her in comfortably, Ayumi took hold of his elbows with her hands, and began thrusting deeply, with long, firm strokes which smacked her body against his buttocks with every thrust. It was not a gentle pegging, by any means, but neither was it rough enough to make Patrick cry out in pain as he was being penetrated.<br />
Mirko, not daring to turn his head or look away, found himself having to watch the strong emotions being experienced by the new slave as he surrendered to being buggered by the slender oriental girl. The new slave did not attempt to avoid Mirko’s gaze. On the contrary, he locked his grey eyes on Mirko’s face as Ayumi’s thrusting pushed him towards feelings and sensations that he had never wished to share with the Croat. <br />
The Prince, aware that Mirko was on the verge of becoming totally overwhelmed by everything that was being done to Patrick in front of him, kept a steadying hand on the Croatian slave’s back, even as his eyes remained glued to the spectacle of Mi-chan’s smooth young buttocks clenching and unclenching as she used her slim hips to thrust the ***** deeply between Patrick’s buttocks again and again.<br />
* * *

Oh YESSSSS! I'm glad I stopped to read this one before I wanked again this morning! The pre-*** is really running now! That is SO hot!

I really liked your story your husband is lucky to have such an openminded wife

Mistress916 I wish U would do me with 1 of my Bam ****** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You're welcome gentlemen. You should've seen him last week when I took him for the first time with a bigger ****. It wasn't easy but he took it. Next time it will feel even better. I'm going to get him a butt plug to stretch him out in the morning so I can take him comfortably in the afternoon. mmmm, cannot wait.

mmmm!..just lying on my back imagining You over me...taking my *** and my **** while Your breasts bounce majestically...

I'm headed to the bathroom to finish what you started............. oooooooooooh I'm sooooooo hard;)

Oh Mistress, I would love for you to take me. I will be your obediant slave and want you to stick your 10" strap on deep into my awaiting asspussy. The thought of you reaming me makes me so hard that I am going to have to pleasure myself. Wouldn't mind you forcing me to wear your bra and panties and be a sissy girl while you ream me.

i am so horny reading your story!!! you remind me so much of my mistress!! my mistress makes me lay on my back too!! she warms my *** first with a paddle and then she rams it in , more and more and moooorrrreee!!!!!!! i'm yelling for mmmmoooorrrreeee!!!!! and suddenly she stops and sends me to bed wearing my chastity device and i thank her!!!

Mistress 916 U have me so hot now I am going 2 have 2 take of my self . Wish U were here 2 take me with your 10 inches !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!