I'm Going To Ask For It...

Next week I am going to meet up with an older man who I have met one time before when I jerked him off in a parking lot.  I wrote a story about it on EP somewhere.  Anyway, last time I showed him my boobs and my ***** and let him touch them and he came all over my hand when his hand was inside my wet hole.  This time I'm going to play with my ***** for him and then show him a little ***** I have and ask him to put it in my butt-hole and do me like that.  Makes me want to cream my jeans thinking about it.  Wish I could do it now.....

NaughtyChristina NaughtyChristina
41-45, F
8 Responses Feb 7, 2010

damn right lube. love to watch you jerk off wolverine

Reading this just makes me wanting to stroke my **** and jerk off, are you that hot? Are you that naughty? OMG, if only I had the chance...

Lube sweetie lube

<strong>Practice!</strong> He may be clumsy ... so if you're loose and ready, he'll turn out to be great.

Oh wow, your short storu has me ************.

you afraid to be addicted ?

well, for some anal, but not something big in there

So you will meet him ready and prepared for anal ?