It's My Favorite!

I have tried many things is my sexual activities, but find "receiving" anal is the absolute best for me. As a bi-transvestite, giving oral is a close second, but the overall experience of a man penetrating my bottom all the way to his balls is like nothing else I've encountered.

It makes me crazy excited with all the sensations that accompany it. I see stars & my entire body just tingles with pleasure & joy. It shocked me the first few times how I automatically responded with my own pelvic thrusts to meet the rhythm. I am quite vocal in this "love fests" and squeal like a girl as I am pounded. I like changing positions from my back to doggie style and on my tummy as make love.

The biggest shocker was that, at times, I squirt all over. It's not a dribble, but a hard squirt of ***. I really do love being held afterwards & relish the afterglow as we lay together, him still in me, as we regain our breaths and energies. I am always just totally spent after a wonderful anal session.

janusatv janusatv
61-65, T
1 Response Feb 17, 2010

Wonderfully described! I'm ready to become totally spent ... right now!