Anal ******.

While the Prostate Gland is a source of enhanced pleasure and more intense *******, mine has long quit being the male g-spot or p-spot that it was... I no longer can trigger an ****** from there. Which leads me to my point. I have somehow developed of cultivated another, better (for me) spot!!! The Seminal Vesicle located behind the prostate actually gives me another kind of ******! I'm had many "anal *******" I describe them as similar to a regular one, about 1/10 as strong, but I can have many,:) That 's not what I'm talking about here. When stimulated properly by a lover and position. (best so far is in a harness laying back flat while he stands between my legs) A whole region that isn't affected by a normal ****** (with or without anal stimulation) Part of it feels like I have to pee and that makes sense considering where the Seminal Vesicle is located... but it's not exactly that, it's not uncomfortable and when it starts it's like a ****** is happening all around that feeling, but there is no "prostate anal ******" It's like all my insides are ******* and waves of excitement / warmth / well-being cover me... It's REALLY cool! The first time it happened, and it happened a few times that night. My lover noticed white creamy liquid around his penis and my anus. (I make myself very clean, you could say I'm anal about it.:)). He was all excited and showed me, so I tasted it, and it tasted almost like *****... I don't know how it happens, but yes, I actually have anal ******* in a very real sense.

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Lucky you!