Butt Mom

 Butt Mom

During supper both Danny and Dianne were thinking to themselves how good it would be to get Margaret involved with them. Danny stared at his Aunt, checking out her huge **** and big fat ***. Her clothes revealed a little more of here buxom figure, with unbelievable curves and firmness. There was definitely something dirty and raunchy about her body language to him. She had that type of face that looks so good with **** all over it, dripping off her big nose and ugly chin. She had a wide mouth with fat lips that would be perfect sucking his knob.

Danny left after dinner and when he returned the girls were still up talking. He sat down with them for a while and chatted about his life an his plans for college and all that. By now he was making plans in his head to go back out with his friend's when his mother said something that interrupted his thoughts.

"You know, I think I'm going to go to bed early tonight. I have a headache and just need to get some rest."

"Oh that's a shame Dianne. Take some aspirin and let me know if I can do anything." Aunt Margaret sounded like a benevolent older sister.

Danny figured this meant that he wasn't going to be getting off with his mother tonight, and if he wanted any attention he was going to have to get it from his Aunt.

"Well, I hope you two don't mind, but we'll have plenty of time together the next couple of days."

"Oh no Dianne, we'll be fine."

Soon after his mom went to bed, Danny went downstairs to the tv room. His Aunt followed him down not long after. He watched her huge rack jiggle as she took a seat on the other end of the sofa. Her big boobs were barely held back by that soft tank top. She wasn't slutty so much as a completely horny middle aged woman.

"Whatcha watchin'?" she asked.

"Oh, nothing."

"Do you have any plans to go out with your friends tonight?"


"Then you can spend some time with your Aunt." She said in a mature, confiding tone.

"Okay," he turned to look at her, but his gaze landed directly on her big breasts. He looked for two full seconds before catching her flattered smile. He quickly changed his eyes back to the tv.

After a few moments of not saying anything, Danny looked at his Aunt again.

"Yes baby, what is it?" she asked, feigning curiosity.

"Oh, nothing...."

"You can tell me Danny," she put her hand on his knee, "I won't tell anybody sweetheart. Talk to your Auntie."

"Oh, I'm just a little pent up, is all."

"Pent up, how come honey?"

"Oh I don't know...."

"Tell me dear. Does it have anything to do with me being here?"

"Well, yeah, kind'of."

"Well I don't want to bother you darling, I'm sorry," and she made as if to get up.

"No Aunt Margaret, no. Please stay, I like having you around," he pleaded.

She sat back down and looked at him with a slight sweet grin and eyes barely pretending she didn't know what this was about. She had one arm over the back of the couch and was facing him with her huge melons busting out of her top.

He took a long silent look at his Aunt who stared at him with her attractively ugly face.

"Honey, you're all grown up now. Isn't there anything I can do for you?"

"Well," he blushed, "What do you mean?"

"Danny, I'm going to be honest with you darling. I noticed you starting at my figure. A boy of your age, I know how horny you can get."

He looked back at her, still unsure if he should make a move.

In a calm, mature tone she instructed him,. "Honey, look at me."

She put her hand on the neck of her top and stretched it down slowly. She watched her nephew look back at her, his jaw dropped open.

She slowly pulled her top down lower and lower, showing her nephew her big, juicy cleavage.

"Yeah?" she asked with an open mouthed grin.

Danny just nodded and kept his eyes fixed.

She stretched the neck of her shirt down to the point where her nipples poking through her bra.

"Are these what's making you pent up honey?"


"Would you like to see more?"

"Uh huh," he nodded, in shock.

She pulled her top completely down so that her enormous jugs spilled out, held back only by her bra.

Danny got so excited when his Aunt reached into her bra and pulled out her heavy breasts one by one.

Aunt Margaret leaned back on the sofa and let her nephew have a good look. Her giant **** were hanging obscenely out of her top, big, round and well shaped with large areolas and fat nipples. They were even bigger than his mother's, and she had the same long fat nipples.

She smiled at her nephew, his expression still in sexual shock.

Danny's Aunt squeezed and pulled her nipples with both hands, her big mouth open.

"Do you want to play with them, honey?"

"Yeah I do!"

"Come rest your head on my lap."

He put his head on her luscious thighs and looked up at her beautiful jugs.

"Here you go sweetheart," she grabbed a fat *** and gave it to his mouth. He pulled his head up enough to suck on her big fat nipple that she held for him in one hand.

Danny felt her reach down to his crotch and rub his bulging tent as he suckled that juicy ***. She unzipped his fly and dug her hand down his pants.

"It's so big honey, you should never allow it to get so pent up!" She reached in and pulled out his big ball sack, rubbing them nicely."

"I'll bet you have alot of ***** in here young man."

"Yeah, I do," he replied.

"I love ***."

He felt her start stroking his **** as he sucked her big breast.

"It's such a big, thick penis," she said, softly rubbing it up and down.

Margaret was really impressed with the size of her nephew's long, thick sausage. It felt great to hold as he sucked her big ****.

"You feel so good sucking my **** baby. Can Auntie suck your penis?"

"Mmm Hmmmm!"

Margaret took her *** from his mouth and told him to sit back on the sofa. She got up and crawled down on the floor between his legs.

Danny sat still as his sexy Aunt pulled his pants off and got between his bare legs, her heavy **** against his young thighs.

She grabbed his ballsack from underneath. She massaged his balls and big ****.

"Ooo Danny, these are such nice big testicles. I bet you need to have these rubbed all the time, don't you?"

"Yeah Aunt Margaret, I do....Ohhhh, that's good," he moaned.

"Would you like me to massage them with my mouth?" Her voice was slow, calm, and sexy- the perfection of age.

"Yes," he almost begged.

She tilted her head, opened her fat ugly mouth and out came her fatter tongue.

"Mmmmmm," she moaned, tasting his salty balls. She took in his left nut in her delicious mouth and slowly, carefully sucked it, holding on to his big penis and watching his face. He looked at his Aunt suck both of his nuts slowly, expertly.

She began licking his balls, then underneath his balls, then back up to the base of his pole. She took a long, wide lick slowly up his juicy ****. Danny watched his Aunt put his cockhead in her big lipped mouth. She only did this for a second, then sat straight up and held her huge **** in front of his package.

"How's this feel honey?"

She put his hard **** in between her large breasts and started ***** ******* him as they looked at each other, mouths open, dirty expressions.

Her big **** between his lap were wonderful, maybe better than his mother's. She ****** him good with her ****, like she wanted him to come, but he wasn't ready yet.

"Aunt Margaret?"

"Oh, yes honey?" she said under heavy breathing.

"Can I **** you?"

"Oh honey, I would love to, but no."

"Are you sure Aunt Margaret?! It'll be okay, I promise."

"Well, would you do it to me in my *******?"

"Oh my god, I would LOVE to **** you in the ***!"

"You would, would you? You're a bit nasty, aren't you...listening to me go to the bathroom this morning, then telling me you like the smell. And now you want to stick this big thing up your Aunt's bottom. Well, I would love to feel this up inside me honey. But we can't, unless you are prepared to know an odd secret about me."


"Well young man, are you really as naughty as I think you are? Because if you are, I want you to be my dirty little nephew tonight with me."

"I'll do anything Aunt Margaret!"

"Good sweetheart. I thought so. I have something to share with you."

She stood up, her big boobs swinging above him, her wide hips and juicy thighs looking so good. She reached for her fly and unzipped, then bent over and peeled down her khaki pants.

Margaret stepped out of her pant legs and stood in front of her nephew, exposing her huge, toned, muscular thighs

She rested her hands on her hips and looked at her nephew.

Danny stared, never having seen expected even this.

"Danny, I want you to suck my ****, get it nice and hard."

"Sure but I've never-"

"That's alright sweetheart. Go ahead and put it in your mouth."

She looked at him with a dirty smile, then stepped forward and stuck her **** in front of his face and rested her hands on her fat hips.

Wide eyed and totally excited to see this wonderful **** on such a beautiful woman, Danny grabbed it at the base and held it to his mouth. He took a long slobbery lick and tasted his Aunt's salty meat. Then he rested her cockhead on his tongue and looked up at her. She was looking at him with a wonderful smile.

"That's good honey. How does my **** taste?"

"Mmmmm, good Aunt Margaret!"

"Go ahead and put it in your mouth." Danny wrapped his lips around his Aunt's juicy penis and tried to fit as much in as he could.

"Try not to use your teeth baby, but keep sucking. Yeahhh.." she moaned.

He began sucking back and forth, feeling it hit the back of his mouth and into his throat. It grew very firm with a salty, sweet taste.

He reached around and took two handfuls of her huge bottom, squeezing her *** and bobbing his head on her ****.

"Ohhh, that feels so good baby!"

His fingers plied their way into her deep butt crack until he found her anus. His fingers softly caressed her sphincter muscles.

"Ohhh, you lovely boy... I want you to kiss me there, will you kiss my dirty hole honey?"

"Mmm hmmm," he gurgled.

She took her hard **** from his mouth and turned around, bending slightly with her wide *** out in his face. From this position he could see her dimply **** mouth, her tiny, useless vagina and wet dangling penis.

She felt Danny bury his sweet face in her ample cheeks and moaned with pleasure as his tongue flicked against her butthole. Flicking turned into long fat licks all around her rectum as he spread her fat *** wide.

"Oh, get in there... yesss.... eat it out baby, yeah..."

Her *** tasted kind of dirty as if she didn't wipe too well, and he licked it all off, then penetrated her tight anal ring with his tongue, tasting for more of his Aunt's dirty ****.

She spread her *** wide and leaned into his face and felt him slide a finger up her rectum.

"Oh, I love it Danny. You're so good... such a nasty boy..."

Danny fingered her butt with two fingers and stroked on her stiff ****. They kept this position up for some time, it was so good for both of them.

He was working her bottom up really good, priming her hole up for his large **** tool. His Aunt moaned and moaned as he shoved his fingers around in her rear, and when he was ready he stood up behind her and put his **** in her fleshy *** cheeks. He spit on his hand to lube up his meat, and started pressing his mushroom head against her nasty **** hole.

Aunt Margaret was bent over with her hands on her knees as her nephew tried to work his enormous knob in her tight *******. They both pushed and moaned trying to get it in, but she decided it was just too big for the moment.

She stood up and turned around facing her young nephew. She grabbed hold of his giant sausage. "This delicious **** of yours is just too big for me right now. We'll need to practice some more before I can get it in me, love."

He reached and held her nice ****. "That's Okay. Maybe you can try to get yours up my ***?"

"You'll let me **** your sweet little bottom Danny?" They stood there stroking each other's *****.

"Please Aunt Margaret?" he said sweetly.

They rubbed their ***** together and embraced in an obscene kiss. Their tongues sloppily licked each other from their wide open mouths.

"Honey, sit back down on the couch and hold your legs against your chest."

He sat on the couch and did his best to spread his legs wide for his Aunt. She knelt down on the floor, her **** against his balls, and she took hold of both their penises and rubbed them together in her hands. Danny's Aunt looked at him with that naughty half smile and open mouth. She stuck out her tongue and licked her lips looking at him while stroking their sausages together. Danny reached out and pinched her big brown nipples as she massaged their *****.

His Aunt leaned back and rubbed her penis against his hole. She let out a long gob of spit that dripped on his *******. She rubbed it in with her ****, pressing into him, trying to slide it up his ***.

He pushed his anus, relaxing it, letting her **** just past his anal ring.

"Ooooh yessss...Your *** is so good."

"Oh yeah, I love it" he moaned.

He grabbed handfuls of her mammoth **** as she held his legs wide, pushing her erection deeper up his butt. She pumped slowly at first, in long deep strokes, filling his ******* until she was all the way in. It felt awesome.

She leaned over and stuck her tongue in his mouth and they kissed as Danny's Aunt ****** his ***. She ****** his him fast, then slow, pinning him to the couch with her delicious body, kissing his sweet mouth with her big lips.

Danny squeezed her giant boobs, his Aunt pumping away at his bowels.

"Does that feel alright, Danny?" she asked, her hips thrusting her **** in and out of his **** hole.

"Oh yeah Aunt Margaret," he groaned.

"I love ******* your little ***, Danny. It feels so good and tight around my ****."

She pulled it out, holding his legs back, and looked at his ****** ***. She pushed it back in and pulled it out. Danny grabbed her big hips and tried to reach around to her fat *** as she ****** him with long, slow strokes.

He loved the feeling of being pinned down by his large, soft Aunt, her **** massaging his *******. They both moaned and she picked up the pace a bit. He felt her intensity increasing. She was pumping his butt hard when she started to convulse. Her hard **** twitched and he felt hot fluid fill his bowels. His Aunt had a massive ****** in his butt, then collapsed on top of him.

After a minute she climbed down off him and pressed her mouth on his anus. She slurped and tongue ****** his *** as her **** dribbled out onto her face.

"Whoa, I didn't think you could shoot *** without balls!"

"You don't have to have big balls like these to *** baby."

She started slurping on his balls and stroking his ****.

"Aunt Margaret, can I **** your big ****?"

"You sure can honey!"

She wrapped her big boobs around his **** and started ******* his ****. His big cockhead was right under her chin and she opened her mouth and sucked his throbbing meat as it plunged her breasts.

"You like ******* these?"

"Yes Aunt Margaret."

"I love your big ****. It's so big and thick. I'll let you **** my **** and mouth until we can squeeze in my bottom."

They looked at each other with raunchy faces as she enveloped his **** with her big beautiful jugs. Then she opened her mouth and made loud sucking noises as she slurped on her nephew's fat sausage.

She pulled his wet **** out at smeared it all over her face, then back between her ****.

"I bet you just want to blow your load of *** all over me."

"I'm gonna give it to you."

"You're gonna cover my face with thick loads of your ***, sweetheart?"

"Ooo yeah Aunt Margaret."

"**** my **** and blow your load all over my face," she ordered.

Danny thrust his long penis between her soft, squishy breasts and into her waiting open mouth. He pumped his **** into his Aunt as she greedily and noisily slobbered on the fat head of his juicy shaft.

"Oh yes Aunt Margaret! Oh yes! I want to ***!"

"*** on my face!", she slurped with her fat ugly mouth.

Finally he felt himself shaking and moaned, "Ohhh yeahhhh!!" as a long thick rope shot out onto his Aunt's mouth. He thrust his **** again and splooged an incredible load of hot *** all over her big ugly face. After several loads of his **** coated her nose, mouth, and chin, Margaret sucked on his big dong some more. Danny looked down at his greedy **** hungry Aunt slurp on his big spent shaft with thick ***** dripping off her nose and lips. Looking at her nephew she took it out and slapped her mouth with it, making raunchy expressions with her *** glazed face.

"Oh Danny, you're such a good boy!"
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Was this guy's aunt a blood relative or by marriage? Eitherway it's still sick.