The First Time

I was 18 and went to my first sex toy shop. I wanted a ***** to simulate giving a blow job and also to try anal sex. I decided to get a six inch one so it was a little smaller than mine. I remember getting home and my mom and sisters were out. I went and borrowed a baby doll to sleep in from my oldest sister put on the sexiest thong i could find and then waited until everyone went to bed. I took out the ***** and I remember thinking wow six inches is pretty big when it's in front of your face. I opened my mouth and slipped the head into my mouth and started sucking on it. I got so hard and horny that I took more and more of it. I sucked that ***** for about five minutes just getting lost in the moment. I was super hornet then and started to lube up my ***. The more I move my fingers in and out the Horner I was getting until I felt like I needed the ***** inside of me. So I lubber the ***** up and placed it at the entrance of my hole, I remember the pressure as the head slid inside. Then I paused and got used to it. All this time I'm bent over the bed face laying on a pillow. I just remember moaning and I couldn't control it. Inch by inch I slid it into me. I could feel every ridge on that *****. I paused many times but once it was all the was in I felt so full and very happy. Then I started moving it in and out slowly at first. I felt this need to move it faster. I also stared rocking back on it and drivin it in at the same time. The pleasure at that point was indescribable since all I remember was me moaning **** me harder. I could even help myself it just came out. Then I felt the pressure building as if I was goin to ***. I wasn't even touching myself and yet I could feel it starting. This just made me move it in and out faster and faster until I just erupted and moaned. Loudly. And came all over my sheets. I collapsed and took out the *****. I felt sooo empty. I cleaned off my sheets curled up with the pink babydoll on and had the best sleep of my life.
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4 Responses Sep 5, 2012

Wonderful. Have you ever taken a real **** in your mouth or ***?

WOW, that was HOT. Too bad your sister didn't come in and Catch you wearing her sexy nighty and ******* yourself with that *****! She could have helped you and maybe taught you how to suck **** better!

Fabulous sweetie

It is wonderful isn;t it