Love It

I would rather be ****** then anything else. I love the feel of a big **** or ***** sliding in and out. Then only thing is I wish I could *** from it. I have *** close but haven't been able to. anyone have any suggestions???
AustinButtMan AustinButtMan
41-45, M
5 Responses Aug 10, 2010

I love the feeling of being penetrated and if the ob<x>ject is big enough I will ****** without touching my genitals. The ****** is not like ******* though, it's much much better indeed.

Thank all for the advice...

The person ******* you isn't taking the time to find your prostate with each stroke. If that happens and they hit that P-spot, you'll *** gallons without even needed to touch your ****.

Try prostate massage... you can *** from that and when you feel it pouring, he can stick his **** in and pound you into a puddle.

I have *** without any stimulation other than a ***** being used roughly on me.