The First Time I Rimmed A Guy

One of my all time hottest boyfriends loved for me to lick his ***. He was the first guy I ever rimmed. The first time it happened, I was going down on him and really getting into it. I started sucking the insides of his thighs, up high where they met his crotch area. He opened his legs wide, pushing upwards to meet my mouth, making little noises of pleasure. I was getting super turned on, and I planted my open mouth on the swollen area behind his balls, licking and sucking. My ***** was throbbing. He moaned louder and lifted his knees up, practically begging me with his body language to 'dip down'. I got the message loud and clear, and was thrilled to comply. I've always loved the control I can have over a man using my lips and tongue, and I discovered that ******* turned me own as much as giving head. My ***** would pulsate rythmically like a long extended ****** in response to his trembling and moans and tensing thigh muscles.

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Sucking ****

Hot story. Have you licked many ********?
I have had the great pleasure of watching my wife lick another man's ***, including his *******. My wife loved the guy's ******* and she had her face buried in his *** for at least 30 min. By the way she was licking his *** 10 min. after meeting him for the first time.I really enjoyed watching the guy **** my wife's big **** while my wife licked his *******. He told me that my wife was a pretty good *** licker.

wow fantastic mouth and tongue control

It's the most exquisite sensation.

Damn! Where were you before I got married?

I love it when my gf licks and ***** my *** with her tongue. As she's tongue ******* my *** she strokes my **** and I have such an incredible ****** !! Then it's my turn. While i'm tongueing her *** I **** her ***** with a vibe until she squirts her *** into my awaiting mouth ! Awesome !!!

Rim me and I surrender myself completly to you. The only time you'll see me whimper and beg for more. It's the most intense pleasure I've ever experienced and I love to return the favor too. I'm puckering up at the very thought. Please add me, I'm a fan.

don't u find **** smell ....or taste of **** while deeping your tongue inside ?

Very nice!

You are the perfect woman... a woman who enjoys wet sex, licks ***, and I'm sure enjoys a mouthful of *** as well. We certainly share the same interests....

Damn lucky guy

great story thanks and keep up the good work

I love to lick my girlfriend's bottom. Both holes. And she loves to lick me. I can push my tongue pretty deep in her ***.

Love the feeling of being rimmed. When you open yourself up to a woman like that she is in complete and total control. Only thing better would be her sticking her finger up there..

Wonderful story. Thank you for sharing...

I love that body language where you're pretty sure it's what they want but not 100%. Then you finally make contact with your tongue and they just love it. It's so exciting in a sexy, nasty way.

OMG! I loved it

i love giving a receiving as well. Some guys get freaked out by it when I go down there which I don't understand. One bf loved it and I could get him to *** without touching anything else, just licking and rubbing his *******. Before we knew it he was ******* all over...surprised both of us that first time.

Hard to say which would be more fun, giving or receiving, in your story. Either can be utterly delicious!

i love ******* both doing and recieving. i have never een lucky enough to meet a lady who would do more than finger my arse or use ****** on me, none have been willing to kiss and lick my arse.

better than analingus is the fruits of ***. What I mean is this. Push a piece of any hard fruit into the ***.Take it out after some 10 minutes. You will find that it is much more ripe now and also much sweeter. I have tried it in my own *** many times.Really enjoyable I tell you.<br />

******* can be so much fun, both giving and receiving.

Now this was a hot story. Thank you for sharing. A g/f many years ago lusted to perform analingus on me, it would drive me wild. You brought back some fond memories.

What I wouldn't give to meet a lady such as yourself.

My **** is so hard right now. love your story. My first time was by sneak attack !!! I had told her no !!! over and over again. So. She got me in my sleep.The shock sent my head smashing into the headboard. I reached around and tried to push her away but in maybe 3 to 4 seconds i melted into a state of bliss. I was in wonderland. <br />
<br />
<br />
Love your story....when you do a guy's *** it is the most incredible pleasure besides ******* , of course

lucky bastard!!

That exactly how i got my first rim job, although i doubt im the hottest of her ex's

so sexy, you are so fun...<br />
<br />
kiss<br />

OMG... mhh i really would like get into it too! But must convince my girl that is nice and pleasant

Good story, Love that done, and doing...

You make wanna be in your oral proximity!!!

gr8 story :)

I love to give rim jobs too. My current partner is phobic about it. I don't even need her to do me, just to let me do her.

My wife not overly adventurous, but goes crazy when I starting ******* her doggy style. Great visuals for me getting to play with her sexy asian butt. Lets me also enjoy her very sexy and wet ***** while she's in outer space.

My wife not overly adventurous, but goes crazy when I starting ******* her doggy style. Great visuals for me getting to play with her sexy asian butt. Lets me also enjoy her very sexy and wet ***** while she's in outer space.

Made my **** twitch just to read this! I love having my *** rimmed as much as I love tasting the sweet *** of a sexy woman. Combine that with a prostate massage and I'll cream all over you!

its hot story


id love to be on the receiving end of it

wow i love that i love it when a girl licks me down there it feels so damn good

Mmmm I think it would wonderful to receive an pee enema from you.

I think it is the ultimate kiss and the ultimate way to show submission.

Awesome, thanks for your story!

Fantastic story, I love giving and recieving!!!

i am totally oral. i like your story, only I want to be the one licking my girl's holes.

Thanks! :) Me too, I prefer to be on the giving end. I love giving oral more than anything. I suppose I'm orally fixated, lol.

I love youe photo we tlinda,, ever try a enema--its a good feeling too---

Thats Great, Nothing Wrong With a Woman who Loves Oral, Everything! Every Woman Should Be Like you! Kudos To You!

Made me hot just reading your story. However, I prefer to be on the giving end, rather than the receiving. I love oral, especially the giving and I love ******* as well as ***********.

This story is really hot !!!!