Only Done It Once

My wife and I were on vacation with our newborn son.. We'd come back from the beach to let him nap and my wife was nursing him.
I took a shower and didn't bother to dress afterwards. I was in the living room and heard her taking a shower. It was a while before I realized she had finished showering and was looking forward to an afternoon ****. I approached the bedroom and was intrigued by what I saw. She was standing at the window with a towel wrapped around her. She let it fall and was drying herself naked at the open window.
Unaware that I was watching, she continued. I couldn't tell for sure but it looked to me as if she was paying extra attention to her *****.
I could also see that she had an audience. A man in the parking lot had noticed her and was rooted to the ground watching.
At this point I could no longer restrain myself. I walked in . I think I startled her. She was still at the window. I cupped her breast with one hand and stroked her c.unt with the other. I turned her sideways and we stood in profile at the window kissing. I wanted to give our audience a good show. (She later claimed she didn't know about the guy because she couldn't see without her glasses.)
The sensation of touching each other and kissing while someone was watching was exciting beyond belief.
I picked up the towel and laid it out on the floor. I instructed her to lay down on it. I straddled her back and began massaging her. neck and arms. As I moved up and down her back, I gently stroked her with my hard ****. She moaned and opened her legs slightly.
I went down her back, leaving soft kisses along the way. She has a dimple at the top of her ***. I kissed it and licked it, slowly working my way down her *** crack. I had tried this before but she'd tighten up and resist. This time I felt no resistance, licking further and further down her crack. No resistance. Other than a loud appreciative moan. I took this as a cue and moved on.
Eventually I hit the target, circling her hole and then flicking it with my tongue... She was bucking crazily. I felt like I was in heaven.
I continued for a short while but need to taste her p.ussy badly.
I flipped her over and she pushed her hips up to greet me. I licked her ***** and on contact, just one lick, she had a powerful ******.
I entered her slowly and she wrapped her legs around me. We ****** slowly and had another delicious ****** together.
I then told her about the guy who'd been watching us. She was mortified. But she knew what she was doing. Nobody masturbates at the window without expecting an audience.
And that was the first and last time I had analingus..Obviously the exhibitionist moment had lowered her inhibitions considerably.

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10 Responses Jul 11, 2010

wish i had a man to do that. been years since ive been touched like that. btw, i couldnt help but notice you said you liked freckles & natural redheads. i happen to have both. :)

OMG, how could someone NOT "let" you lick their *******????

I am a seasoned cunning analytical linguist...<br />
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great story

Wow! It has me hot thinking about story! Dc

Lucky day for the two of you!

Such a hot and arousing tale!

i love to lick and suck both holes. Thay both (if clean) taste great.

Still hot.

Very hot story

Very hot story