I used to only like it one way, butt I have learned better

This is what I originally wrote....
And that way is to be on the receiving end (so to speak.) Yes, that's right, I'm selfish about this. I LOVE feeling my rosebud being licked, it's a feeling like no other... so intense and forbidden. I love the sensation and the sound and even the position. But NO WAY am I licking any guy's butthole. NO WAY. Maybe a Real Man could get me to do it, I suppose he could. But if He does, it will be the final surrender. Cuz as far as I'm concerned, NO WAY.

And now I can say with all honesty....

My Man enjoys my tongue on his rosebud and I put it there... I do not mind it at all, in fact, hearing the sharp intake of breath from Him when I do this is worth just about ANYTHING.  Making Him happy fills me with happiness... licking and kissing Him there, or anywhere, is WONDERFUL.
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Way to go for it!

Mmmmm. Reminds me -- we were in 69 and she started ******* me. I came it was so intense. Glad to hear you're being good to your Man, Sabrina. Don't stop!

SG, I prefer to be the giver, so we would be a perfect match.

This is the supreme act of worship for a man to service his girls forbidden parts. I find the position with her on her knees a little submissive and much prefer her sitting astride my face and rubbing herself off on my face, directing where, and how deep she wants my servile tongue.<br />
My girls *** is tight and cute and all the things it should be. One of those things is that it should be well licked and probed on a regular basis. I am only too happy to oblige.<br />
It's a marvelous and fulfilling part of foreplay and role playing for me and for her.<br />
I think it's just a tad selfish that you would not share the joys of reciprocation. My girl finds sit a very powerful aphrodisiac when she has total control of my ***.<br />
Thanks for sharing SabrinaGirl

Ummm... ok.


Its the best!! Hot, wet, vulgar, and intimidating, (to a point). I like the mutual trust and the total exposure. (How much more can you give?)

i like you! i think you got that right! i do not want my woman licking my ***, but oh man can i lick her pucker all day long. i'm the licker and i want her to be the lickie. nuff said! well maybe not all day cuz after i get too excited i'll doing other stuff too.

I'm sure she does!

its a great feeling and a great pleasure to do this to my wife; i think she loves it too :-)

yeah, they can tongue themselves!!!!

LOL! Both can't be in the same place at the same time....

As long as it is only a comment that slips out... not your tongue... or other part.

HaHa... let's leave fertility out of this, ok? I just say NO to pregnancy!

Well rex, that sounds PERFECT. Of course I understand wanting her to be nice and clean.... the forbidden fruit aspect, *** in the air, open and inviting... THAT is one of the turnons... and then the feeling of his tongue... it is WILD.

Yeah... it feels so GOOD!

No, I don't kiss after this... not until mouthwash has been used. I do wrap arms and legs around him, and kiss cheecks, necks etc... but not tongues.<br />
<br />
I like on my knees, head on the pillow, bottoms up!