Mmm Strap-ons For Spread Open *****

I've recently been introduced to strap-on play with my boyfriend... he's absolutely LOVES it, which I didn't 100% expect. BUT, the biggest surprise is how much I enjoy it...

It gives you a sense of power.. Role reversal is an amazing thing and can be transforming.

I found this website for strap-on lovers. It's like a social network for people just like us!!


100% FREE so try it out. :)
AllisonChung AllisonChung
6 Responses Jul 20, 2010


love your story. i was 19 when my g/f raped me. And you can be sure "IT WAS RAPE" !!! but when it was over i knew the unbelievable joy of being broken and dominated by a woman .<br />
<br />
but........................ and this is a sad and terrible "but" .<br />
<br />
with this kind of love it is hard to find someone else to give it to me like that.

So glad you discovered your new center of power between your boyfriend's cheeks. My husband is on all fours quite often and the view of his butt spread apart is so erotic, it blows my mind! If any wives and girlfriends out there have not tried it, you are missing one of the most empowering experiences possible. Spread your man's cheeks and take him with a strap on. Odds are, he will adore you for it. Before long, he will be like my hubby, buns up and begging for it!

High Allison, love seeing u here. Small world. Luv ya- hertoy.

wow.....i thought i was the only one....i love being taken control of and ****** in the *** by a hot sexy girl!!!

Do you perform analingus on him before giving him the strap-on?