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my wife likes me to finger her before intercourse and i like cunnalingus veerry much so i slipped around the back and analled her then stuck ny first digit up her bum,i found that if you keep just the first inch of finger in the anus when she ******* whilst muffing the sphincter muscles contract and you know for certain that she has`nt faked it.
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Mmm. Midnight snacks are the best. I love the scent and taste of my wife's *** after a long, hot day when she hasn't showered. She's salty, musky, bittersweet and deliciously funky between her beautiful, lush cheeks. She sleeps naked, so if I wake up in the middle of the night and know she's "natural" back there, I can't resist going down and making love to her most her private place with my mouth. Luckily she enjoys waking up to the pleasure of my tongue on and in her ******* and we end up having a very hot **** that sends us both happily back to sleep.

I do enjoy licking my wife's ***. I have even woke her up during the night with my tongue up her ***....lol

email me for anal licking pic anyone intrested.<br />
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Mmmmmm, yes, a finger up my *** only an inch or so is divine!!! 'Course, one in each hole with a mouth on my **** is even better!

The best thing about this is the noises she makes and the way she tries to get more of my tongue inside her ***. sensational.

Oh God

Say no to silicone lubes -- ewww...try Gun Oil H20 instead. Long lasting, toy safe, easy cleanup, has aloe so it soothes and softens, but best of all....<br />
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...No taste or odor at all!<br />
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I love giving and receiving analingus...swirling My tongue around the rim, coaxing it to relax so I can thrust and probe and ****...the tickling and teasing little flicks with the tip...the long, broad strokes with the flattest part...the reward of My partner pushing back against My mouth, urging My tongue to try to take Me deeper....

when women get to a certain age,ie menopausal they need more stimulation to get the juices flowing, (or you just use a silicon lube) the trouble with artificial lube is it does`nt taste very nice if you decide to go **** diving at any point during quality time.So cunni and annalingus is the most enjoyable option,mind you i do have trouble breathing some times especially if the pubes have grown a bit to long.

She wouldn't do that to you, would she? I like to lick and finger my wife's anus, too, but she says that having my finger there actually distracts her from climaxing. It certainly has the opposite effect when she does it to me!