My First Time

I had always wanted to stick my tongue in a girls *******....I first had seen it in a girl on girl **** movie..Which by the way is extremely ******* hot!..I was 69'ing with my girlfriend at the time(who would later become my wife) we were both a little drunk and it gave me the courage to go for it...her ******* was right in my face...Its such a pretty ******* to...little on the inside whith just the right amount of that dark skin around it...i was sucking and licking her ***** and i just slid my tongue a little higher up and went for it! It was ******* incredible!....licking slowly at first and working my way up to tongue ******* it...when I started doing my thing she responded by sucking my **** harder and guiding her *** lower to help me out! I pulled her *** apart and pressed my tongue as far as it could go and came in her mouth! one of the best ******'s i have ever had! Since that day years ago it has become a regular part of our sex life!
JustAHappyGuy JustAHappyGuy
26-30, M
1 Response Aug 15, 2010

Wow! That sounds so hot!

Yea extremly grateful! And its the best way to warm up my wife for anal...couldn't be happier!

WOW....That was so hot how you described that *** eating, which by the way, I agree is the greatest.<br />
encore encore...tell more