Tongue Terrific

I think my tongue is what I like to use the most when having sex. On a women I always start with my tongues licking and sucking on nipples. I like to put my mouth around the nipple and my tongue is licking up and down and around the nipple as I start to feel the nipple get hard I push my tongue into the nipple licking harder. As my **** starts to harden as well I start to move my tongue down the stomach pass the belly button as my face reaches a small patch of pubic hair where I would lick some of the patches and suck on the patch. As I go lower at the end of the patch I reach the clitoris as I slowly start to let my tongue slighly touch it. As it cause her body to twitch and she feel my wet warm tongue touching the outside of the **** she starts to spread her legs open as it allows me to see the ***** and her **** more.
I pull up on the top of the clitoris exposing it more as I start to lick and suck on the clitoris. The taste of the wetness is warm and erotic as I continue to lick and flick my tongue on her **** she start to get wet and her vagina is heated with warm fluid. As her scent of her ***** becomes eroctic and heat rediates off her ***** I move my tongue and put my tongue inside between her labia as I spread her lips open and see her pinkish flesh as I can taste her ***** juices and I lick it up and sucking it off her *****. As I lick her more and more making her wet with not just her own ***** lube but my saliva dripping all over her I move my tongue to her vagina hole as I push my tongue deep inside her wet warm ***** hole lick and suck as much liquid out of her tasting every ***** taste possible. As her wetness is literally oozing out of her I can see her ***** so wet that her thick juice has dripped down and has run down all over her anus making her brown wrickled butthole all wet and shiny. As I pull my wet dripping tongue out of her vagina I roll my tongue right on to her soft warm brown wrinkled anal hole all wet and musty as i start to slightly just lick it make her feel my warm tongue graze over it.
As I lick it more and more make her relax her anus, I start to slolwy put the tip of my tongue on the the opening as it slightly relaxed I slowly push the tip into the opening of her ***.I continue to push my tongue in and out of her anus. After every stroke of my tongue going in I can feel her anus relaxing more as my tongue get to go deeper insider her more and more. Her anus taste differently then her ***** as it more musty and has a thick-dry texture. My tongue starts to go deeper and deeper as her *** starts to gap open and loosen up. I can feel my tongue going as far as I can put my tongue in her. As i pull my tongue out I can see her anus slighly gapped as I can now slide my finger in her to go deeper than my tongue. As I pump my finger in and out of her butt it gaps more and more. I cannot resist and put my mouth over her gapped openin and suck as hard as I can so i can get all the *** juice in my mouth.It taste so good....
With my hard **** as I been putting my salivia on hit jacking it when i was lick her *** I slowly put the tip of my **** on her anal orifice.
I watch as my **** head slowly slides in her butthole as I push in she pushed back allowing my **** go deep in her. I slowly first go in and out of her watching my **** slide in and out of her anus. At the same time I play with her **** with my fingers as I pump her butt deeper and deeper. I can smell her ***** juices ad her anus musty aroma. I put my finger in her ***** and as I finger **** her pusys while my **** still going fater and faster in her butthole. Her anus start to loosen more. I slow down and with one big deep penetration as far asI can go I shoot a huge load of *** in her butt. I can feel *** just squirting over and over. Still slighly hard I slwoly pull my **** of her butt and see her huge gapped butthole. I go back down and lick her gapping ***. She pushed and start to creampis my *** out of her *** and i start to lick and suck it out for her. Her anus flavored *** in my moth taste incredible make me hard and we start all over again......
tarowalker tarowalker
31-35, M
May 9, 2012