Loving The Hole!

My gf's love for my *** hole has increased tremendously. She just loves to spread my legs at nite and keeps licking and fingering my hole. She just loves doing till she is satisfied to her heart. Initially i had my reservations, but now i enjoy it thoroughly. My favourite position to go on my fours while she licks my hole and gives me a ******* till i ***. She then takes her mouth to cream her mouth.....yum wat do ya say!
milkman007 milkman007
31-35, M
10 Responses May 14, 2012

i would like to chat with you plz add me.....may be i can take this to new level

It is so hot imagining the scene!! Must compliment your wife!!! Such a nice lady!! It is one of my fantasy to get finger ****** by my sweet wife!!

tell her to do it to u. If she refuses....force ur *** on her mouth...she will surely lick...

I really do enjoy that. Love when my wife licks my balls and *******!! Have had the best ******* with this being done.

This is always great fun for us.

I love when my wife does this. I can almost *** just from a few minutes of my *** being licked.

Sounds great. Thanks for sharing.

you a lucky man

Great girlfriend! You should definitely hold on to her! She sounds like she will be even more fun as time goes by.

wow thats hot , i dated a girl who wanted to shave me smooth . after wards she surprised me by tongue ******* me while jacking me off ................i luved it . so i returned the favor.only i fingered her ***** and tongued her *******. i need to call her

Hang on to a gf like that... Having sexual "adventure" is huge in a good relationship.. I'm just getting out of a long marrige that was: only missonary, and only certain times of month.. Don't *** on my face... I'm too tired (she doesn't work and doesn't see Dr. about why so tired), have a headache... I don't want quickies cuz feels like I'm being used for sex... it's a week before period, I'm on period, i'ts a week after period, I'm not touching your ******* cuz it's dirty there.... Sorry about venting, just need to spew out after awhile.

hey mobi, i completely understand wat u went thru. It is always exciting to have someone u understand in marriage and yes ur physical wants are important for a good marriage. Good u moved on and find a exciting match like mine!

Mobi, sorry you had such a dull sex life with your ex-wife. My advice is to find and marry a Lady which most men would consider a ****. ***** are great fun and make very exciting wives and a sex life you will love. I know that when I found out my wife was a ****, our lives became much more fun.