I Enjoy Analingus

I had an ex girl friend that slowly introduced analingus into our sex life at first I was a bit shy about it but after a few times I let her go for it it was the best experience I ever had with sex it is the one thing I miss about her and I'm trying to find someone who can take me to the next level with exploring that side of me. I love analingus so much

I also want to perform analingus on someone to see how it feels on the other side of the fence.
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2 Responses Nov 26, 2012

Suggestion If you have someone in mind tell them what you want to do is explore what it's like and you want it to be with them. That they can stop it at any time but you are hoping they don't do that. Also assure them that you aren't going to push anything inside their butt. That you may push against it but not inside. If you've already had a finger or thumb in there let them know that it would be less than, or no more than that.

The key piece to this is to make it a process. Combine it with a sponge bath. If you've ever had one you know how relaxing and intimate it is. Wash their back and bum with hot soapy water and spend a lot of time rubbing and touching their back and then their backside. They'll be more relaxed knowing they're clean and if you're halfway good and rubbing their back they'll have melted before you ever get to their bum.

By the time you start exploring what riming is all about it will be just one more thing in a procession of wonderful feelings for them. SO the next time you suggest it (with or without the back-rub/wash) they should be more than interested. They'll likely want to pay you back for the experience too. Even if they aren't prepared to go down on your butt the rest of it will make for a prelude to some great and intimate sex.

Take it for what it cost ya. I'm just sharing what I've done. I'm not sure if they really melted or not but there was certainly a puddle on the bed that had nothing to do with wash water.

I love to give and receive it.
I know when she does this to me the strap on is coming out and we are in for a FUN night!!!