New Way

i just started to get my hole licked this summer always laying on my back while my gf is down sucking my **** and licking my ***...i love the feeling. one day she was doing it the usual way when out of nowhere she bent me over opend my legs and but her face in .. she sucked and licked my *** while jacking my ****..this was an amazing feeling i came all over her hands
Lovesfun89 Lovesfun89
22-25, M
4 Responses Dec 6, 2012

Have you rimmed her?

very nice!

Damn. You lucky dog!

Sounds like that woman found the winning combination. You should hold onto her. And see if she's willing to peg you. :-)

i dont think i want to get pegged lol

Oh, I think you DO. If you like *******, pegging is going to blow your mind, my young friend. I have heard men twice your age moan like **** stars when their butts are filled.

Even if she wants to?