Thinking About It Gets My Panties Wet

I have never been one to not try something, I am really kinky and open minded and I started to read about analingus, or *** licking and it really got me turned on, my panties were soaked after reading about it and I was curious to have my *** licked and lick someone elses ***. I have always loved being face down *** up on the bed doggy style and I knew my boyfriends has to of had a good view of my pink *******, I wondered did they ever want to do anything with my tight pink *******, did looking down at it while they thrust inside me turn them on. Sometimes I would reach back and spread my cheeks and I know they loved that. I have to say I am so turned on my seeing other girls ******** and after reading about *** licking I became so turned on and curious about having another girl kneeling on the bed face down *** up doggy style with that sexy *** right in my face, seeing her *** wiggle and grabbing each cheek and bringing my face closer and closer to her tight pink ******* and giving her ******* a kiss with my lips before sticking my tongue out and drawing circles around her ******* before flicking the center of her ******* with my tongue, its something I think about everytime I see a girl with her *** up in the air showing off that tight pink hole and it gets my panties so soaking wet I have to rub myself through them. I would love to stick my fingers inside me and cover them with my juices and then wipe my juices all over another girls ******* and then lick my juices from her *******.
apantygirl apantygirl
22-25, F
3 Responses Dec 6, 2012

YUM! <3

Very hot! Can I join in on that party or is it girls only?

Maybe I could **** you while another girl licks your *** at the same time

It is highly erotic to both give and get. I would never have thought of asking for or doing it but my gf's husband wanted to watch her lick mine and so we tried it. It felt so incredible I had to repay the favor. She isn't as big a fan as she says it tickles. Guess I've got to improve my technique if I want MORE. Of course her husband wants me to take her butt and she's afraid of my size so I have to make sure when I go for licking it she doesn't think I'm trying to slip one in on her. If you get the chance to give or get GO FOR IT. If not make the chance! :)