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I am a middle age male with a wife that is a green eyed blonde knockout with a beautiful smile. we are an average couple that does not have sex outside our marraige.She has a great looking *** with a thong tanline. I do have a fantasy or 2 ,one of which has come through. I have always loved to go down on my wife & believe I must be pretty good at it. I have a small penis (4 " max) & I guess I feel the need to make up for my "short comings". One of my favorite positions to eat her out is lying on my back with her lying on top *** end towad my face and licking her tasty *****-she always smells unbelievably good! One night I worked my way to her *******.At first she flinched and would not let me....but my arms were tight around her & I would not let her go. I sensed that she did enjoy the sensation so I went for more. She relaxed her body more and more. I worked around her *******,then gradually more and more into her as I went. At the same time I used my fingers in her ***** slowly- first 1 finger ,then 2. Before you know it she went from refusing my tongue to grinding her sweet ******* into my tongue. Every time we have sex I cant wait to eat out her ***. My "high light used to be getting a *******, but now it seems I like being the giver more. I love the thought of pleasing her and being nasty. I always wondered what it would feel like myself and a couple of weeks ago, unbelieveably I found out. I always thought she would never lick my ******* but.... I had showered and cleaned "everywhere" thinking what if she did what I asked. the kids were all gone & I was standing naked next to the bed and just asked her to do it to see what it feels like. I could not believe what I was hearing when she told me to bend over the side of our bed. Next thing you know she was eating my ******* like it was her favorite thing to do in life. Over the next couple of weeks she has been walking in nude when I am showering ,getting in the shower on her knees and sticking her tongue up my *** like a "crack"addict eating me out . Some times we are in the shower so long the hot water starts getting cold. She always finishes me with a ******* which usually doesnt take long by then. Another fantasy is for her to eat my ***-which she wont do.....yet (i may work on that :)
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