She Loves It When...

I kneel above her face.  She's lying on her back underneath me.  Then, she can lick and suck my as shole while I ti tty **** her and *** all over her **** and belly.  She says that anything that makes me *** excites her.  She says that she feels nasty, but loves that feeling.  I know that it makes me feel incredible!

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6 Responses Mar 20, 2009

I love licking a woman's butt hole. It is so erotic to have her sit on my face and face toward my crotch and play with my penis whiile I eat her out.

Strictly enjoy a womans ***, and yes I am into scat and pee as well. Really do love it all, with the right woman.

I love to suck *** holes. I love women's because they have less hair but I'll do men as well. It is like doing erotic sex and really turns me on. I'm not into skat or anything like that, it has to be nice and clean.

Yeah for those who haven't tried it, having your ******* licked is fantastic!

mmmm love this position