First Time For Tongue In My Anus


When me and my b/f first start do the sex with other guys one of the times we do this is with friends call Sy and Mark. We first go to Sy's home, this is so very big inside is to easily to get lose. It got 6 bedrooms all with own bathrooms and 3 living areas, it even got 2 kitchens and a cellar for the wine. We have very great meal and later we play cards, this is the game of rummy but I never play this before. After many games and much wine later Sy ask Mike if he wish to have fun game with cards. Mike say how do you mean Sy just to say we try the ***** rummy. This I feel is my time to see all guys naked because i so good to this game, and also i like Mark very much.

So we all agree and soon the guys start to lose clothing but just to pants only then I say i go to toilet for pee. I get so much sexy feeling I need to wash with cold water. When I get back to game for some reason I lose all time now, my cards are to crap and I get nothing I keep lose all time and soon i fully naked in front of 3 guys. Sy say I not to stop playing because we all need to be nude. This also good because I not yet to see Mark's ****.

But still I lose.

Sy then say each time I lose because I already naked I need for to do forfeit. This make me feel apprehension but my ***** so wet it now start to trickle down to my thigh.

First time I lose i need to serve all drinks and as i put down to the floor i must do so with my legs straight, this make my ***** and anus stand out. Next time I lose I need to hold guys face into my *****. This was so great because i get Mark to lick into my *****. I do Mike first then Sy then Mark but as Mark put the tongue in my ***** I start to *** and I scream so loud that Sy put the **** into my mouth, he say to make me quite for neighbours but near neighbour 800yards away, hehehe. Then all clothing come off guys and I stare to Mark's ****. It so big and thick like the baton for police. He is still lie down so I just sit on this great **** and soon I am cuming and mike now has the **** in my mouth. I am so feel the sex now but soon I feel Sy licking my ***** while i go up to down on Mark then I feel the tongue go to my anus, OMG the feeling make me pull away from Mike **** and I just need to shout loud and scream why i feel like this is new to me but he then push the tongue into my anus. I **** in my *** before but this even better and I feel the tongue wiggle inside my anus then out and then into my ***** along the side to marks ****.

This go on for very long time and even to the next morning. Sy put me over the couch back on my stomach so to let the guys take turns to lick into first my ***** then my anus and back to my *****. Each time they do this I feel the *** slide down to my feet and when they finish the licking they take the turn to **** me. First in the ***** then into the *** but Mark try to **** in my *** he hurt far to much and I ask for him to stop but I to weak to make much the protest and he carry on. This hurt very much but I over sexed by now and start to enjoy this.

Finally Mike ask for to clean my ***** and anus by lick with his tongue. This is so soothing and he do very nice. We say good bye and go to our home to **** for very long time, but not into my *** because now to sore, hehehe.

Hope you like our experience, but this not everything because here to short to tell but everything in this happen

Bethchi Bethchi
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8 Responses Jan 27, 2010

love the story i am so hard

Id love to lick kiss suck tongue **** your tight lil sore *** hole and make it all better. then ill slide my thick ****, balls deep in your tight *** hole and ill give you a nice big anal cream pie sexy babe ! oh yeah !

Mmmmm, nothing feels so good as a tongue right in there. ;)

I wanna lick you anus, can I?

we both look to you profile and we both agree to you not having the troubles for find willing cards pla<x>yer but please to tell us about this when you do. I so sexy this night I wait for my b/f to suggest we do this again

Great game! I've got to find a couple of cheating card pla<x>yers to hook up with!

Awesome story, now I'm ************.

This is true but later Mike tell to me that Sy fix cards so I lose. They think i got the stupid written in the front of my head for me to believe this. Lucky i am not bad loser see as you say I win the ends..YES?