Oh Hell Yeah

The first time a guy ever stuck his tongue in my *** I was pleasantly surprised.  It actually encouraged me to try anal sex, which I also enjoy, but I really like how a tongue feels in and around my ***, and of course, I love *********** too, lol. What woman doesn't right? I'm sure there's someone, but I don't know her! ;)

MzUnafraid MzUnafraid
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so when we gonna get together so i can give you analingus for hours babe ?

Hey let me know if you want my email & phone and we can talk and meet and i will give you all the analingus you want for hours and days , for real girl

i love getting it and giving it, id love to find a girl like you to do stuff like this with ; )

babe i would love to rim u till your ******

Please add me. I love licking *** and pounding ***....xxx Mike

and what a beautiful *** to lick!!! mmmmmmmmmm

mmmmm eating horny little ********, yummy

If women get over the mental barrier and lovers get to taste and eats their ***, they absolutely love it. They have so many nerve endings in the ***, that its supreme pleasure for them, and once they get a massive ****** triggered by anilingus, then they are addicted for life! That little puckered hole can be an amazing sexual tool for a woman, and once discovered it is never forgotten.

i love licking a girl *** before anal penetration

i love licking a woman's ******* i try to do all sorts of weird positions on her.

I'd tongue your *** every day of the week if you let me.

I love sticking my tongue up my wife's ******* and licking her ***. I always feel a little embarresed afterwards though :)

Love to see if I could make you *** just by licking your ***

can i eat your anus?

Nothing turns me on more than licking a woman’s rear and working my tongue into her ******* as far as it will go, tasting her bitterness while her funky erotic scent and the warmth of her *** surrounds my face. Some are comfortable with it, others have to be at a whole new level of horny to let me do it, but it can make me feel like I'm going to **** without being touched, I’ve heard women say they feel the same way while sucking **** – and I've made my lover **** just by going down on her ***.. It’s so intense when she starts pushing her *** back into may face as she moans and feeling her ******* clench my tongue as she ****. The intimacy is off the charts and some lovers have told me it really turns them on to know I love the taste and scent of their body's most forbidden place.

i used to be disgusted by the thought of my mans tongue their until finally my ex bf started forcing it on me. it made me so wet and felt so good that that i started doing it for him. the feeling is amazing

just love eating both holes when going down on a female....... how about an add?

oh....ps..... i just went and looked at your photos. i can't imagine any guy that would not love to eat every inch of you. you're smokin baby

no. once you get it, you will always need it. i do it to women and love doing it. i love a nice plump *** in my face. i like getting it to. the first time was an old g/f that got me in my sleep. WOW !!!!!

id give anything to lick your sexy little *******

WAs that licking your kitty that you love also? Love to get my tongue on you!

During a nice long massage it is very relaxing to feel his tongue painting kisses up and down my back, down the back of my thighs and up again so he can nibble and bit with gentleness all around my cheeks. Love bits stuff like that. <br />
It's always the same old story; he tells me it's not my fault, I slipped, I couldn't hold on. You see there's no edges just curves and rounded soft skin. As he moves from side to side he looses his grip & slides down between & says he tries his best to get out but he can't. Of course he can't!! I reach back & press him closer with force until he reaches that exact spot: he's captured......<br />
I bring my hands back to my relaxing position inhale deep, purr, sigh (no words) just a soft sounds of pleasure lets him know stay there or close by until I release him from this naughty/taboo pleasure.............................

I really enjoy giving anal tongue to a tight sweet ***.When I was in college in the 80`s,I loved to give it to the chicks I meet at parties and clubs.Most of them went nuts,and exploded in massive *******.The only problem was that alot of the girls wouldn`t leave me alone after the one night stand.I only recomend doing it to your girlfriend,or regular **** buddie,because not everyone will do it and the girls that like it won`t leave you alone,because they want it.

i started when i was 15. i was living with a woman who was 24. the couple in the room next door were ******* each other with ****** and vibrators. my g/f told me she wanted to do it to me. just with her tongue and that i would love it . i went nuts. i cursed her. called her every kind of sick ***** you could think of.<br />
<br />
i had gotten a job with a landscaper. i would come home beat and exhausted . she got tired of me saying no. so when i came home one night so tired i could hardly walk, she told me to take a shower and she would bring me a beer to bed and give me a massage. i drank the beer, rolled over naked and passed out as she rubbed my back.<br />
<br />
i almost broke my neck when my head hit the headboard !!! she had my *** in an iron tight grip and pulled open wide . her tongue was lashing and sticking away at my *** !!! i tried to reach around to stop her but before i could , i melted into oblivion. i remember my toes curling up and my fingers digging into the pillow. WOW !!!<br />
<br />
ever since then i have always introduced my partners (women and men) to it.<br />
<br />
it is so ******* incredible. and i really love it when i am giving it to a woman for the first time and she tries to push me away ................................i know whats coming ......... the same curled toes and the fingers digging in ........................ oh yea

any girl like to share ****** sex with me then email<br />
later i will do phone sex with yu babe<br />

Just so you know, many guys like having their salad tossed as well.

My rule of thumb is if you don't eat it you can't **** it!!! Hasn't failed me yet! :)

For me it is just an extension of oral sex....I just love licking a shaved ***** and lifting my sexy wife's tight little shaved *** up and running my tongue around her butt is so sexy. She loves it.

ill love to eat ur *** out

Because I lost most of my penis to a Viet Cong land mine years ago in Vietnam I have become proficient with the use of my tongue. I thought licking ***** drove women crazy, wow when I did their *** they went nuts. Most *** very quickly when I do their *** with my tongue. Many guys will not lick a womans ***, but guys try it the ladies will love it and love you for doing it to them.

mmmmmm...I just LUV an open-minded woman....!! ;)

It felt funny having a persons tongue their the first time... kinda embarrassing even, but the feelings were soooo good!