Anchovies Yum Yum

I am an anchovies enthusiast.  They are my whole world.  I don't know what I'd do without my "chovs".  Sometimes I don't leave the house b.c I  am afraid I won't find them again.  I have 3 cabinets devoted to the chovs.  I don't have a pet goldfish b.c the last one got jealous of the attention I gave my chovs.  I fear my cousins will eat my chovs when they come over, so I put locks on the cupboards.  One time they did eat my precious chovs and i was so angry that i spit on them and called them "kleptochovs". I hope and pray that they never do that again.



MariaBobak MariaBobak
18-21, F
Jul 3, 2007