I Did It Again.....

This summer I decided to try a new place up north and it was totally worth it. When I went to the front desk the hostess was completely nude and a very good looking woman. I was taken around the resort on a golf cart and told that I was actually the only "guest" there and that everybody else was there for the summer !!! Wow, people actually do this all the time !!!
As soon as I got to my cabin I took off my clothes and didn't touch them again until the next afternoon . I walked around the entire campground and made small talk with a few people while it seemed like everyone was checking out the new guy walking naked by their campers . Then I went for a swim in the lake and took advantage of their outdoor shower which everybody has to try sometime. There really is nothing like showering naked outside in front of dozens of strangers.
As I walked toward my cabin after my shower they were having a wine and cheese party which I attended. That was kind of hot and a little strange at the same time because almost everybody was fully dressed and all I had was a small towel which was useless to try and use as a cover up !! So there I was the new guy totally naked in front of all of these people that knew each other !!! I did feel a little uneasy naked like that while everybody else was dressed but I also had to fight off the urge to let myself get too "excited" if you know what I mean. I basically spent the rest of my night talking to the other people and walking around. Then I went back to my cabin still naked and stayed that way all night. Again if you've never tried this you really don't know what your missing.
I woke up early and went for a long hike and swim before breakfast and then had another long hot shower outdoors before I went home. There was nothing dirty or sexual about that weekend but it was still a lot of fun.
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46-50, M
Sep 22, 2012