Baking Christmas Cookies Is Fun

I turn on some Christmas music and bake away. It's so fun just sitting down with a pile of cookies and decorating them. I find it soothing and entertaining. Also they are good to eat


Kindal Kindal 46-50, F 6 Responses Dec 14, 2009

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thanks sounds really good. I will have to try it some time. :)

sometimes we buy the bread's the dough shaped as if u made it at know the kind .in the frozen area usually three to a bag :)

It's real easy..U make dough as if u were making bread!Roll it out in a flat baking pan like Pizza..U slice the plums we use purple plums real ripe! slice<x>yer on top of crust.<br />
<br />
The topping about 1/2 cup of flour ..butter 1/4 cube add a bit of sugar to ur taste first mix with hands so it's clumpy after you lay plums down u crumble the dough on top..bake 350 45 min..just check till it's golden the crust ..we sometimes top with whip cream .. it's amazing ..yum! :)

send me your recipe for the plum cake darlin sounds deliciousioso

ESP i was just talking to my GF about her Mom's SuGa cookies!Would LoV To Help ya! HAppY HolIdAy! KinDal! ~xox hug~Kisses~~~~**~~~**~~~also would make this awesome plum cake..hope u feel better honey bun :O)

cottagekeeper...sounds like a lot of fun. This year i'm making 3 different kinds of cookies, banana nut bread, gingerbread, lemon meringue pie and white and milk chocolate peppermint bark candy.