A Setout Dating Back to Middle School

  Happily find a place to share experiences, and this is my memory of middle school:

When a T-shirted sunshine guy turned round the corner before me, I smelt and felt the touch of a summer vacation. Yes, it's Aug. 14, 2007, normally the summer time for middle and high schoolers.

In less than a second, I was overwhelmed by the memoric feeling which brought me back to my middle-school days, which lasted six sweet-bitter years.

During vacations, I, who am far from sociable, solidated myself in air-conditioned rooms, reading, dreaming, and sometimes ************. Of  cource, all should be carefully conducted lest my parent have any glimpse of what was going on under their nose. This is China, a country pressed and gulfed by moral doctrines for milleniums against sexual stuff, even natural. It was then eight or ten years from now and I was a pretty well developed youngest at his teenage. Naturally and actually, I had doomed curiosity about my opposite sex. And there happened to be several girl classmates killing me.

This had set a favourable stage for a humane play which was performed variably and unswervingly for milleniums, except for their different background, socially and culturally, and plots. There was a Tanny I most favoured. She had healthily glowing and flushing face, fitly and cutely small mouth, height of normal peers but more matured from her chests, which bounced as she bouncedly roamed the classroom, and her butt and thighs, which are more imaginative than visual. She churped like a sparrow, forgive me to use this old-fashioned though vivid metaphor, and giggled like glorily blossoming flowers.

In a classroom where M and F were forbidden to be deskmates, I was fortunate to have her facing my back for two weeks. This may be a short time as it appears, but no one could overlook what it feels if put in the same position as me. That time I was good at study, maybe good enough to be a study nerd. She was terrible with maths. And that became a link between the two of us, or maybe just an excuse, of which I prefer her perferring the latter.

These alternatives, now in my mind, have been abstracted into the attraction to her of my mind or my body. Mind is acceptable, body is OK. And I favoured them both.

She was a semi-nymph, taken in the sense Lolita defined. And this, probably, set up my future preferrence for nymphics. If it's true, I'd better fetch some psychological classics and exhaust the most value of it.

After writing: I'm happy to find myself quite capable to arrange English words, as compared to my Chinese. I'll try to type more later. The memory is really bitter-sweet, and is truly true.


adgarn adgarn
22-25, M
Aug 14, 2007