Feeding My Bf

I bought food for lunch with my BF yesterday. I fed him about a pound of sausages with red beans and rice and then six luscious pastries. I ate plenty, too. He was so full and bloated that we had to take a nap with lots of belly rubbing. After getting up, he weighted himself and called me in to see. For the first time, he reached 290 pounds! Hurray! I'm about 280 these days.
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3 Responses May 26, 2011

Its nice that you can enjoy it together. I love pastries so much!

Mmmmm...pastries are so yummy and you just want eat tons of them!

He's been progressing faster than I have. He's up to 310 while I'm stuck at 290. Enjoy eating! --HXTP

Thanks! I always enjoy eating.