Power To The Pu...rdy Ladies.

So, I realized when I read some of the stories that many of the people on here are not biologically female... Well, I don't care about that! More power to you ladies. :> I think you're all lovely for sharing your experiences. I for one, am anatomically a girl. Vah-gi-nah and all. I'm damn proud of it too, I love my boulders and their over the shoulder holders. Like really, boobs are truly amazing and I'm just proud to have them. I think guys are awesome too, but I'm soooo glad I'm a girl.
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thank you for being so open minded about us tgirls, i adore being a girl and being feminine. i live fulltime as a female and so far it has been a lot of fun, and i'm finding that not only men, but women as well are attracted to me... hugs

thanks for sharing Modern.. I'm so glad you have the respect that you do for we ladies that were born sans va gi nahs! but still enjoy/like/want to be girls. I see that more and more young ladies like yourself are sharing your thoughts and compassion in our direction. Hopefully with your generation we can all be the gender we wish rather then the sex we were told we were when we were born.<br />
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I don't really know why I feel the way I do, other then it feels natural for me to express myself as a woman. I do it as often and with style as much as my life allows. I have a wonderful partner who loves and supports my fem side as she says. it makes me her very sweet man. we were just out last night on the town having a great gno!

I am glad you are a girl, I am equally glad to be a guy, but I absolutely adore wearing women's clothes. You girls have it so good. Your clothes feel so nice. I don't know if you are just used to wearing them, but women's clothes are the bomb. I have to say that I would like to experience boobs though, but the best I can get are implants and somehow I don't think that would be the same as originals. Anyway, hats off to girls.

&lt;3 The clothes are so very comfy! So I agree completely! Boobs rock, really. :) Implants are probably a good way to get an idea. :&lt; But not really the same. I bet you look wonderful in feminine clothing! :D

Thank you, I'd like to think that I look good. I am going to look better. I had a really big belly and am working on a flat stomach. Then I will look so much better. I am currently in a size 16 dress and a 14 skirt. Looking to get to size 14 anyway. The stiles are so much nicer when you are smaller, cuter too. I bet you look good in your clothes. I bet you are more of a jeans type girl than a dress type. Right?

Hah!! I'm really glad I'm a girl too!! :)