Luck Be A Lady...

I love being a lady, mainly because I really have no choice but more-so because its great.
I was raised to know my place and know the do's and don't. Sometimes I wonder if I am
too much of a lady in this generation since I was raised in a traditional household.
I was raised to never open my own doors nor hold heavy objects when in the presence
of a man. I wear dresses almost everyday and always like to look girly. I just cannot help
it. I am a girly girl to the max, which is probably why I like manly men lolz.
vershelz vershelz
22-25, F
3 Responses Jul 24, 2010

What is wrong with being a lady, and loving it. As a man l think its really great that a woman loves the fact that she is a woman

Thank you :}

A bit...except better music and nicer appliances lmao

sounds kinda like a 50s fammily