The Threat of Being Made Sissy

my domme /mommy used to tease and threaten me with plastic baby panties. she would dangle them from her fingers infront of my face... and often held a hard wooden hairbrush in her other hand. "ahh look, little sissy doesn't want to go into his plastic baby panties..." then she'd scowl at me: "you know you will, don't you?" 

of course i wanted to be in the panties. she really did scare me sometimes. her scowl and the way she spoke to me really put me in my place. it also made me soft and frightened. so i longed for the comfort of being in my panties and "being good" for her.

if it was evening time, she'd put me in nearly clear or pearly clear plastic panties. sometimes she would make me lick her fingertips and wet my penis. of course it stood straight up! i longed for her touch. but then she'd pull up the front of my panties and stand back and tell me off. i'd drop my head. i'd hear her demanding me to "say sorry" or she'd spank me. 

my domme/mom believed  in controlling me by being strict with me, and part of this was milking me in my panties whenever it suited her - usually when she wanted me docile and well behaved. then i could serve her all evening and not be making a fuss by being horny. but i was always horny again after a while. then she'd make me stand in the corner til it went down.

during the day she would often put me in silky girl's panties to do the housework. in the evenings she'd allow me a t shirt and pearly plastic panties, "so i can see what you're up to!" she said.


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a note on my story. it was true. sadly it isn't anymore. there were rough times as well as blissfully submissive ones. i thought you should know this, so there's some balance to the picture. i was very lucky. i knew that. i had found someone who understood my need to be a naughty and very horny little boy. and she was so frighteningly perfect. she really did put me in my place! just her scowl or the haughty way she bossed me, reduced me to instant submission. she *knew* what a bad boy i was, and said so often. she made me stand on the spot and look at her and would lecture me. <br />
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if you've had experience with a mommy/domme i'd love to hear. then maybe i can say more.