Your Weird..

I was always a "weird" child (according to most people) but I had a exceptionally brilliant skills in linguistics. I always carried a dictionary around as a child, hoping to learn the words in it.

I learnt things slowly, so I tried to ask the top of my class,  why words and language made sense to her. She didnt help me, so I tried to prove her, amongst other people( such as a more educated cousin of mine) I can beat  them at their own specialty with no professional help at all. I learnt two grade levels ahead of them and proved that I in a way, was more intelligent then most of the people that doubted me(including them).

I talked and had mannerisms of a person that was older then I, so most people labeled me " weird" which did not bother me until I started getting ostrasized and teased for it.  In my teenage years I had a depression level of 99 percentile so I coped by have a sense of quirky yet intelligent humour. The most friends I had at one time in my entire life was probably four ( one of which I closest to, until i met his lady friend). She liked me for awhile but I ingored this, since I had horrible social skills and still do. I made her laugh, she made happy, we both had our vices but really didnt care. I was too "weird" to address our relationship or lack there of, that we didnt date once ( at least in a womens point of view).

Today I can win most arguements but still give people the "wtf" face since I either say something out of the norm or too sophisticated to handle and decode. I can relate only too "weirdos" unless I depress my centeral nervous system then I can artificially or pretend to relate to people.

My weirdness comes from my way of answering, asking, and responding to questions (especially personal ones). I would try and make it into a joke or make a joke out of it, if I didnt know the appropriate response, way to ask, or answer a question.

example: Brenda ( made up person) was talking to me on a school bus and we were talking about how she heard her sister "making love" , so when It was my stop she said " I love you" while I responded I will not make love to you, she laughed but I knew it was a serious inquiry and I made it into a joke.

She was a mormon and I am not a relegious man so I was entirely fascinated by her mormonship. I learnt that every monday her mormon part of the family would have "family" night in which they would play board games, watch a movie, or just have a good old fashion family discussion. Everytime she got on the bus I would ask her quote on quote "how was family night, I hope no love making was involved".  She graduated that year and 

I had no contact since.

Their is only one friend I have to this day and he even thinks im weird, because I laugh at weirds things,say stupid things just to make people laugh and watch how they react, and I am fairly accurate in deductivce reasoning but have horrible social and coordination skills.





accepance accepance
18-21, M
Feb 28, 2010