Proudly Mexican Woman

Mexican women are famous for their loyalty to our husband and family. We take our  wedding vows very seriously and would not consider divorce an option unless our  husband is  physically abusive or unfaithful.
We are very feminine and dress accordingly. We behave polite and classy. We enjoy being women and do not feel compelled to compete with men or constantly complain on why the world is unfair to us. We treat our husband with respect and shower them with love and affection.

There is for the Mexican  women a difference of centrality. Our focus is on our  home, our  man, and  our children. Our  home is more important to us  than any  office or job, or partner.   The time at home, talking, cooking, raising, dancing, counts more than whatever else might be out there.

We don't look for cloths,. jewelry or big houses. We want security, love, loyalty and not much else.

We do not use Prozac, hours in counseling, Psychotherapy..when things get wrong, we just deal with it and communicate.

I enjoy being a Mexican Woman and  very proud of it.

MyNameIsCecilia MyNameIsCecilia
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Unfortunately, traditions of a culture are often changed when people relocate to a different culture. I haven't found that these traditions are necessarily kept by Mexicans who have relocated to the US, but some have held onto their traditions. One of my favorite movies shows the value of these traditions. If you get a chance to view it, I think you'd enjoy it. It is called "A Walk in the Clouds."