She Chose Me

For a long time I thought that I chose my wife.Lately I realize that she chose me. We worked at the same place. I was walking by her desk and she smiled at me.. I stopped to say Hi and made small talk. At lunch I saw she ate at her desk so I asked if I might join her and she made room. That night I gave her a ride home. and asked her for a date .We went out the next night and I gave her a good time. We kissed but there was no privacy. I asked her out again and we found privacy. We kissed and she gave herself to me willingly. She was only 17, I was 22. She had lost her parents and lived in a room. I represented security and was gentle. Now I see that she chose me We are still married. Sex brought us together but it now keeps us some ways.
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Jul 17, 2010