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I've been a member of my church for almost 10 years. Wow that's odd to think about...anyway. Being active is actually a new thing for me. I went to church regularly after I was baptized but about a year and a half later I stopped going all together. Infact after about 4 years I had convinced myself that I hated this church and wanted no part of it. Turns out I was just really angry. It's been around 8 months now that I've been going to church again. So much has changed in my life. I'm so much happier then I've ever been...I'll never give it up again. Never....
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2 Responses Aug 4, 2007

Well I was born into a Christian family. My dad was Mennonite. My mom was Lutheran. My dad taught us how to read the Holy Bible, how to pray, how to worship, how to fellowship and I was born in the body of Christ. I have been baptized three times because they Holy Spirit opened up my heart to get baptized that much. I do not talk about my faith in God in public, so feel free to message me about it and we will talk. God bless you all forever.

I will be honest that I want to make friends, but I do not want to make friends that bash what I believe in. I am into read God's word. My favorite time a day is spending time with God. I love going to church. My dad was a Mennonite like higher level of Amish, so he taught us how to read the bible, how to pray,go church, live out our faith in God and follow the Holy Bible too. I praying for God to reach the lost and God is love. Satan is blinding the lost from God's truth, so I pray for the lost too. God bless you. Talk to you later.