"The Earth Is But One Country And Mankind Its Citizens"

God created one earth and one mankind to people it.
Man has no other habitation,
but man himself has come forth and proclaimed imaginary boundary lines
and restrictions, naming them Germany, America, France etc....
And torrents of blood are spilled in defence of these imaginary division of our one human habitation,
under the delusion of a fancied and limited patriotism.
After all, a claim and title to territory or native land is but a claim and attachment to the dust of earth.
We live upon this earth but a few days and then rest beneath it forever.
So it is our graveyard eternally.
Shall man fight for the tomb which devours him, for his eternal sepulcher?
What ignorance can be greater than this? To fight over his grave,
to kill another for his grave!
What heedlessness!
What a delusion!

Bahai Teachings

taumaranui taumaranui
May 19, 2012