There Are Few Which Differs

I enjoy the rich flavor of variety in minds, the essence of respect and integrity of friendship and as human. I admire courage, and selfworth but bravado is uncalled for. I can see and will never escape my eyes men, who take pride of their works, who takes pleasure and magnifying people's tragedy, calling it as their success. . .howling for their own honors. Inspiring and can motivate, but those differ to how I see people worth my enjoyment.
I enjoy people minds to create and build and to encourage. And man not with vex full of pride.
ladyryan ladyryan
46-50, F
2 Responses Apr 10, 2012

I appreciate anyone who can look past the film and the curtains people put up and see people as they are. You are gifted in your honest approach.

And thank you for your support (as always).

So variety is the name of the game...

Yay! Thanks (=^0^=)