I Want You In Me

I want to please you, satisfy your needs, I want to spread my legs for you and have you breed me, to be your sex object is my desire...there to please your penis.
To have you slide it in my ***, to **** me.... to make me your *****, to shoot your *** in me.
I want to watch your face as you ********* in me, to feel your sweet penis pulsatng in my hole.
You could pinch my nipples, kiss me and make sweet love to me, breed me as a woman. I want you to use me as if I have a vagina, to put your **** in me.
Yes, I have had others do it, I have been thier girl, I have spread my *** cheeks and asked for it, oh what a pleasure to know a **** is in me! To feel my mans nuts slap me as he enjoys ******* me.
I will do anything my man says, I will drink his pee, lick his ***, suck his ****... wear pretty panties... anything. You see it is my duty to make him happy, after all he is nice enough to **** me.
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56-60, M
2 Responses Aug 10, 2012

Would luv to **** ur tight *** then **** all over u

This shows a deep and spiritual desire and a sweetness too. More than just sex! :)