Actually Bred

This group is curious -- I joined it because I do enjoy "being bred," the act of a man dumping his ***** into my *****. But the other stories (and the icon) seem to be about bottom-men being ******* by another man, "like a woman."

What must it be like to be ******* like a woman, yet knowing you will not suffer an unwanted pregnancy? I think it'd be hotter, to allow yourself to connect to another human being in such a manner. But all my sexual life, I've been turned on by bareback ******* and the risk of pregnancy. I love how my body changes and puffs and grows when I'm knocked up, and love how sensitive I get to all sorts of touches.

For me, the breeding is a necessary part of a forced sex / rape scene. I am very into the fantasy of a man obsessed enough to stalk and force me to **** him and get him off, repeatedly. I love even doing as the bottom-boys do, and being ****** in the *** in missionary position. It's such an aggressive act, and pushing his ***** deep into me, then forcing me *** again and again to absorb more of his ***** into my womb -- what an erotic thing that is!

And once he's dumped his *** into me, I'm his ...

My current ***** are men who do want to breed me, and they've impregnated me a number of times. Once they know I'm pregnant, I get ****** more often and harder, but in all three holes since they no longer have to actually breed me.
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jeremfg, i love *** inside of me ... it's just not a complete **** without it!

jeremfg, i think it's a common sentiment. but it might have been me lol.

yeah, not worth the trouble. ;)

lol thanks for thinking so ... people have told me they are intimidated by the sheer number of "stories," but no one needs to read them. one person even refused to add me to their circle because i had "too many friends, too many experiences, too many stories." whatever, is all i can say lol.

jeremfg, i know, right??? i believe i replied, "have fun, whatever it is you're looking for" lol

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noirresearcher, i'm familiar with the bugging. ;) thanks!

Sometimes when gay men talk about breeding, they are actually talking about giving each other the bug, beeing bred by the gifter bug... so that you know

lonewolf, an active womb is likely more fun than one simply awaiting. ;)

Smiles yes that is very true. A active is much better

very hot nothing better then to pump ***** deep into an awaiting womb

jerseygirl, i hope you do -- we all should!

thx but I wish I knew what to do...I am still a virgin *blush* and am very shy when it comes to exploring my sexuality...I want to experience all i can but don't know where to start.

i see ... for me, it was just a matter of getting the first one over with, the better to explore other stuff. i didn't put any significance to the first time, thankfully.

Wow that is really a wild story...maybe someday soon I will find out what it is like.

rckrob, yup, that's a decent summary. ;)

MMMM breeding a women is such an erotic feel her vigina tighten around your hard **** wanting to milk it of its life breeding *****. You both craving the spasms that start deep in your loins knowing that your ******* will deposit your ***** deep inside her womb.... her vigina spasms on your hard **** driving you over the edge as she screams breed me and you do... as you both erupt in extasy....

scillianlover, my second husband enjoys keeping me ******* after he sperms me, the better to suck him ***** deeper into me. :)

That is defiantly the case, I enjoy the feeling and the act very much! I love every opportunity I get.

i guess that's the key -- love what you do, right? ;)

That is well put to love what you do,and how you're doing it... or love how your being forced to take it again and again.

mineallmine, you sound like one of my husbands lol. it's a very hot way to live, largely because of the risks. but that's the whole point, right??

That was an awesome story truth be told I don't think it was a story , and I myself wonder the same question about bottom men. I love women that enjoy being bred as much as I do breeding them taking more and more of my *** inside their womb. I also like leaving my **** inside her to make sure that none of my ***** leaks out prematurely.

I will never wear a condom and I have never been with a woman who I couldn't convince to let me **** her without a condom - I hate them!!!! My favorite targets are drunk friends/coworkers/etc. who are married and in a position where they can not challenge the origin of their baby. I'm really not sure how many babies I have fathered but I know of at least three that undoubtedly are mine (but another man is raising them as his own because he doesn't know better). I love the act of impregnating a women much more than the act of having sex and I have absolutely no worries about disease. My 2nd ex-wife caught me which is why she is an ex-wife, but my girlfriend has no idea what I do when she is home alone with her kids. Her family thinks I am a saint and constantly tell her how lucky she is to be with me - they have no idea that I have ****** her twin sister, her cousin and her ex-husbands best friend. I am VERY turned on by doing things that are very risky and LOVE watching another man raise my 2 daughters and son. VERY ******* HOT!!!!

c1dude, "i wouldn't mind" is too mild to consider as an emotion, don't you think?

bassone, what is the benefit of traveling to phoenix?

Bearing my children with you, and I fathering your children.

fathering of children requires proximity, to my mind. what if we can't otherwise stand each other?

I will put up with all of you as well.

I wouldlove to fill you up, can you travle to phoenix,az?

hereinportland, thank you very much, but most of us are wired a particular way or another, and we can't help it. others just need to be shown the way! ;)

Wow, you are some woman. A powerful story.

Pappawlove, when is a good time to slow down? or worse, a good time to give it up?? ;)

Oh hun I know. Thanks

Pacman, but there is so much more to sex than the bare minimum bareback. be discerning! ;)

I can't do anything but bareback

deekampers, some actually freak out at the prospect. go figure! ;)

jeslooking, thank you for your flattery! :) and for your friendliness -- hope you're doing fine these days!

lonewolf, that's the fun party, right? the actual action that causes the breeding. ;)

Little lady, you have such a wonderful way of painting a word picture! Thank for being my friend!

would be so much fun to breed you over and over

sirhardbody, it's even better than it sounds "on paper" ;)

kinda... sexy.

qotsa2, i might answer such things privately.

i'd love it if you did. i dropped you a line in your EP mail. i'm intrigued.

why do people want to know the fate of my pregnancies, i wonder?

do you take it all the way to term? do you have children?

everlast, that does exclude large parts of the female population. did you consider a vasectomy, considering your issues with baby-daddy-status?

Very hot! Sex is so much better bareback, and though I do not want to leave a trail of babies behind (lol), some of the best sex of my life was when I was trying to make my ex pregnant... both times. Pregnancy risk is exciting, but a little too dangerous for me, unless the woman IS looking to get pregnant, and NOT looking for a baby-daddy, lol!
But bareback sex, even when other forms of birth control are being used (or the woman is post-menopausal, or has had a hysterectomy) is still SO much better! For me, feeling the direct skin-to-skin is awesome, and to feel my own *** (or another man's) inside her as I'm ******* her is just SO awesome!

chasmiller, women like me are common enough, i'd think -- plenty to go around, for sure!

ryancopper, thanks for the offer, but this is an at-home job. good luck in your "business" ;)

NJ breeder here.. message me if close by!

barflea, are you saying you like it like that, too? ;) grace sound hot lol. where is she now?