I'm a Freak

Being around other people too much scares me. I know most of my old friends realized that I try to avoid them most of the time and I feel bad about it. It's just that I know most people would never understand what I'm going through, no matter how hard they'd try. Why bothering them with my problems when I'd much rather just be by myself!? I know I'm pathetic but being alone is so much easier...
Nesikha Nesikha
18-21, F
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PS- you are not pathetic...remember, the greatest leaders that the world has ever known have said in many a diary that they were alone...great inspiration and great acts can come from solitude...<br />
Frost did not pen his greatest poems in a bar<br />
Dostoevsky spent most of his life alone- with someone-but alone...<br />
Pope John Paul spoke at great lengths about solitude..<br />
You have great company

You know, we work (as Americans) somewhere between 45-50 hours on average<br />
Sleep takes (hopefully -35-40 hours<br />
With 150 hour in a week and about 90 gone from work/sleep- you are left with 60 hours to commute, eat, do homework (if you are in grad school) go shopping, take care of the bills...and if you have a second job- yipes..<br />
I do not have social anxiety, but I do not have time...I have four best friends -<br />
I am going away Thanksgiving with one of them to the Bahamas...<br />
My other best friends- I see on weekends- but to do so- takes a full day<br />
There is nthing wrong with relaxing and resting by yourself- plus- if you have a dog...you are never alone...I do prefer my dog..

your not alone on that. i feel the same thing but what i found is that its apart of my social anxiety(yes theres a name for it lol) i like people but at the same time i want nothing to do with them its stressful so it does seem like being alone is easier but i have to face it if i ever want that to change. becuase of it i also hate phone, have a hard time keeping a relateship, and get scared of people trying to get to close to me. sorry if this is alot of blah to you but i thought i might mention it lol

meee toooooooo, ay first its uneasy but now am adapted n njy my company verymuch..<br />

same here

Being around other people too much scares me too. I seem to need a lot of time to myself in order to feel safe and feel in touch with my self. Also sometimes I get depressed and I feel like I'd just be a burden to others and no fun.<br />
Sometimes I go through periods where I don't even answer the phone or return phone calls. My friends know this about me and have adapted, thankfully. At least they know that they shouldn't take it personally which is good.<br />
Sometimes I just feel too fragile to risk confiding in someone and feeling disappointed or misunderstood afterwards so I withdraw.

i know that feeling. there was a time a detached myself from my friends simply because of two things: first, i feel out of place sometimes and last, i try to avoid creating more memories with them because it would be harder for me to let them go." but then i realized, closing my doors to people didnt do me any good. im just being selfish and scared of the "real" world. i have been hurt and rejected by people. that put me down but what the ****? experiencing pain is being alive. What matters most is how you deal with it gracefully. Try to open your doors slowly. DOnt expect to be understood always. Just be yourself. Godpeed.