I'm All Choked Up

Many years ago when I first started ************ as a prepubescent teen I found that I would *** more quickly when I held my breath. I didn't realize it at first. My parents bedroom was right next to mine and it started just with trying to be quiet so they wouldn't know what I was doing. I then noticed that I would become more aroused the longer I held my breath. It was just a natural I guess. This was my first experimentation with asphyxiation.
As years passed and I explored my sexuality more I decided to try different things. This evolved into the desire of being "ridden cowboy style" as I would put it. While ******* doggie style I would scream giddy-up cowboy. My boyfriend would strap his belt around my neck and ride me like a horse with a little 'spurring' on with a spank on my ***.
Recently we began trying a more hands-on approach. One morning while spooning shortly after waking up, my boyfriend decided to slide his **** into my ***. He was going at it pretty good when I took his hand that was wrapped around my waist and put it on my throat. He got the hint and started to squeeze. The rush was amazing!
quietgirlp quietgirlp
41-45, F
Dec 10, 2012