Bow To The Queen Of Mean

I love to be cruel to people it is my all time favorite thing to do. Don't get me wrong my preferred targets are those that go after the easy targets.It makes my day when some punk thinks he's witty and tries to insult me and I am quickly able to bring him to tears just by critiquing his insult. Though there is always your occasional innocent victim that is in the wrong place at the wrong time and gets blasted. I seem to be very good at finding the soarest subjects for a person and exploiting them. Also cruelty is not just as simple as a one time tearing a person down. Sometimes it can take days to months have planning and making slow strategic moves to truly break a person. Have you ever broken a persons spirit so badly that they attempted to kill themselves? Well I have on three separate occasions. Now depending on the type of person you are you will have just reacted differently to this. Most of you were probably just thinking "That's so horrible how could anyone be proud of that? What type of sane person takes joy in other peoples pain?" Well I am not sane in any way shape or form. I use to be nice and generous but after years of people walking all over me I snapped and I've had enough. Now to the second type of people being the minority. Those of you who think in a similar fashion as me. You were thinking of how much it takes to break a person like that and the amount of pain that was instilled in them, and were wondering what it took to get these people to that point. Now I have been successful at being crue for many reasons. Firstly I can easily tell what emotion a person is feeling by their facial expressions and body language. Secondly when I meet knew people they think I am shy but in all reality I am observing them taking note of the things they enjoy talking about things they boast about as well as subjects that make them uncomfortable and especially conversations that they purposefully change. Lastly I have taken classes and psychology once having desired to be a social worker and have a great understanding of how the human mind works and exactly what kind of events it would take to trigger a real psychological melt down. To put it simply when I was nice people treated me like **** used me and ditched me and I was always miserable. Now that I am cruel people respect me I use people not the other way around, and I have never been happier that I am now.

Have a Wonderful day
ElizabethNigma ElizabethNigma
22-25, F
Feb 13, 2012