I Guess Never.

Been through hell lately.

How do you actually be mean to cruel people? How do you make them learn?? Cos being mean to them won't change who they are....

I'm talking about those who try to bring you down and break people's friendships. Those who thinks they are perfect but they are just about the same if not worst...

It's so annoying. It's so frustrating.

If I can be cruel, I would..but that's just not the way of life right?? I'm just sick of the same ****.

Aaaarrrggghh!! I'm sick of being caught in the middle. Why do they always find fault?? Is it because they never really have the friends that I have...?

Why do they always try to bring you down??

Can someone please explain why do people have to be so cruel to other people??!!!

Syaz Syaz
18-21, F
2 Responses May 5, 2007

There are three types of cruel people out there. The first are those born cruel they had cruel parents and cruelty was all they ever knew. These tend to be the more immature less creative cruel people. Second would be those who are cruel to be cool. In most school systems the cool people also tend to be pretty cruel. This type will use much more suitable insults for the person they are targeting sometimes original sometimes classic. The third type is the type that were once nice and generous eventually tiring of being walked all over and finally snapped. This type tends to be the cruelest because it is this type that is happiest when they are cruel to people. This type does it because they found that they can be happy when they let hatred and anger rule there life. I am a part of this third type and I am cruel because nothing makes me happier than making a person cry with a few well thought out words. I don't know what your problem is whether you have glasses so thick that when you look on a map you see people waving, smell like an animal that just ate roadkill crawled up your *** and died, have a head five sizes to big for your body, have a head five sizes to small for your body, are a big guy with a high pitched girly voice, are a petite girl with a deep manly voice, you sweat so much it looks like you went swimming with all your clothes on, you are so fat that you can't where yellow because people yell taxi at you, you are so skinny that if you turned sideways you'd disappear, your face just resembles a map of the rocky mountains, you have such bad breath that a drowning person would be better off not getting mouth to mouth from you, are so hideous that your family has no photos of you on display and avert their eyes when you are in the room, you have such an annoying voice that listening to you makes people want to repeatedly shove ice picks in their ears until your voice goes away, your teeth are so messed up that no man would ever take a blow job from you no matter how desperate due to the resemblance between your mouth and an old fashioned pencil sharpener, your eyebrow must have fallen in love and are eternally connected in one long bushy eyebrow, or you could be a disgusting combination of the former that would make everyone you meet envy Helen Keller. No matter what it is learn that the only way to stop a person from being cruel to you is to be even crueler to them. If you have no good material yourself feel free to go back through this message and use some of the previous I am sure that you can find something that would apply.<br />
<br />
Have a wonderful day<br />

P.S. I am not trying to be a ***** to you that is just how I come across and if there is nothing for you to use tell me a little bit about your offender and I will give you some great things to say to both humiliate and depress the intended target. &lt;3

Sadly there are cruel people all over the place, like you i really don't understand it. Why would anyone spend time PURPOSELY to HURT other people? Do they have nothing better to do with their lives? Do they even know they are hurting others? Has someone hurt them so badly that they feel everyone they meet should pat the price? There are thousands of possible answers. I have learned 2 things with regards to this topic. ONE; NEVER put urself in the middle and TWO; run for the hills when u see a friend try to purposely hurt someone, it's behaviour many people don't understand ..... thank heavens!! Surround yourself with good hearted people and let the cruel ppl. beat each other up!!