A Set Code of Laws, Everyone Should Live By...

John Wayne said it best when he portrayed, John Bernard (JB) Brooks in the Shootist,

"I wont be wronged,

I wont be insulted,

and I wont be laid a hand on.

I dont do these things to other people,

and I require the same from them."

That quote is how i live my life.   There are many things many people can call me, but no one can call me a liar, cheat, thief, biggot, and least of all - a coward.  I know how to be a liar, a cheat, thief, and even a biggot - anyone can be these things but not many.  And i never learned how to be a coward. 

I, like many of you in this group, am respectful of my fellow man.  I demand that "Fellow Man" give me the same respect i give him. 

At work, this makes me extremely different.  We have a supervisor, well quite a few of them, with nasty attitudes.  They have no respect for no one not even themselves. 

One of them was decorating a Christmas tree and took off her shirt in order to finish it, because she was soooo hot.  This 50 year old woman took off her shirt while we were working to decorate a Christmas tree.  Shes the worse on actually she created a protege who happens to be my supervisor.  She comes to work underdressed also.  Beyond that, she belittles, insults, and disrespects those of us on her team.  Every but me, kiss her *** and feet while she embarrasses them with name calling, taunts, and threats. She even does it in front of people. 

I, unlike them, stand up for myself.  Im even on suspension.  And thats ok.  I might not have a job after i meet with the owner of the company, human resources, and the director of the company, and thats ok.  Even if it costs me my job, i can get another.  But losing my self respect, not being able face myself in the mirror - i cant do that to myself. 

I dont even know why i chose to write this here.  I had to let my feelings out somewhere, i guess.  I just never learned how to be a coward.  I never in my life imagined i would meet so many people who are cowards.  Talk about a trend i learned to avoid.

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2 Responses Mar 17, 2009

Sounds like you have issues. I agree with the first part of what you said. I have been around more blocks than most people that come into this room. Did you report her?

She needs to be written up and fired. You should get a picture and send it to her boss.